You can exercise your sexual ability the day after tomorrow

1 physical exercise is the starting point of “sex”

Studies have found that pelvic floor muscle training has a good effect on improving the sexual ability of both men and women. For men, training pelvic floor muscles can prevent and treat premature ejaculation, increase the strength and hardness of erection, enhance sexual pleasure, and protect the prostate.

For women, pelvic floor muscle training can improve sexual response and promote orgasm with their husbands in sexual life. In life, the easiest way to practice is to gradually tighten the muscles of the perineum like self-control to interrupt urination. Tighten them for 5 seconds each time, relax them for 5 seconds and repeat them for 10 consecutive groups.

2 love skills keep surprises

Kissing, touching, finding each other’s new sexual excitement, exploring new sexual positions… All require two people to actively explore together. Couples may as well “practice” the art of war during sex, which will bring the quality of sex to a new level.

Such as “hiding the truth” and making some sneak attacks to bring a surprise to the other party; “Kill by borrowing a knife”, using instruments to make up for their lack of physical fitness; “Wait for hard work with ease”, let the other party want to stop by caressing in advance; “Capture the thief and capture the king”, the focus is to capture the sex sensitive area

3 emancipate yourself with innovative ideas

Men and women should constantly learn sexual knowledge and put down their psychological burden. I have always advocated “awakening women and decompressing men”. Women should learn to be proactive, understand their own bodies, and guide men to bring pleasure to themselves;

Men should not worry too much about their abilities. They should understand that the deviation of penis length is like the difference of height. Generally, the penis is more than 8 cm after erection, which is normal.

4 sex fantasy open the window of creation

Studies have shown that people with sexual fantasies have higher quality of sexual life and are more satisfied with sex. They will also think more about sex, experience the sexual reaction process better, and be more creative in bed.

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