Summer whitening also needs to be both internal and external. What else should we pay attention to in summer whitening

You can do this to supplement VC a Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. cherries, cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, oranges and other fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C, which can help restore melanin, prevent black spots and freckles, and make skin more shiny and healthy. Eat less animal liver, beans, peaches and other foods, because the copper or zinc contained in these foods will make the skin black. In addition, you should also eat less photosensitive foods such as celery, fennel, white radish and coriander, which will cause black spots on your skin after exposure to sunlight Self made vitamin C beauty water: a lemon, a small cup of vodka, a teacup of distilled water, and a teaspoon of glycerin. Finely chop the lemon peel and soak it in vodka for about half a day. Add distilled water and glycerin to the wine soaked in lemon peel, shake until it is even, and then store it in the refrigerator. After washing your face, gently tap your face with the lemon beauty lotion taken out of the refrigerator. Your skin can be moisturized and elastic, and it can also astringe pores and effectively control oil. However, people with sensitive skin should not use it casually to avoid irritating your skin. It should be remembered that this method is suitable for night and should not be used during the day. C. Oral vitamin C although vitamin C is widely found in vegetables and fruits, it is very unstable, has a short storage period and is easy to be oxidized. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve the ideal maintenance and beauty effect just by taking in the amount of vegetables, melons and fruits. Beauty experts suggest that some vitamin C supplements can be taken orally, so as to effectively whiten, moisturize, antioxidant and improve dull skin. Big s also wrote in the book Beauty King that vitamin C has a whitening effect and should be eaten in the morning and evening. Because even if vitamin C is taken too much, it will be discharged with urine and will not be stored in the body. It is OK to supplement it at night when necessary. Summer is the most energetic season. The sun is as hot as fire. Beautiful women can show their good figure to their heart’s content. While kissing the sun, it is not easy to protect yourself from sunburn. When it comes to whitening talent, Taiwan’s big S is the first one. In order to pursue the same white as a fluorescent lamp, her requirements for sunscreen can be called paranoid: sunscreen, long sleeved shirt, sunshade umbrella, “iron face man” sunshade hat… Everything. In fact, in addition to doing enough external sunscreen, we can’t ignore strengthening sunscreen from “inside” and combining inside and outside to make ourselves whiter than big s this summer. Sunscreen is the first step of whitening. The extremely strong ultraviolet rays in summer will damage the skin surface. To resist, the skin will produce melanin. If the skin is exposed to strong ultraviolet rays for a long time, melanin will accumulate and form black spots. Therefore, the first step of whitening is to protect the skin with skin care products containing SPF. Medical research shows that if you are exposed to the sun without wearing any sunscreen, your skin will turn red in 5 minutes. When you apply spfl5 sunscreen, your skin’s sun resistance can be improved by 15 times. After about 75 minutes, your skin will be sunburned. Generally speaking, the higher the SPF index, the greater the sunscreen protection. The SPF value of ordinary skin color is 8-12; Those with fair skin are recommended to choose SPF30 sunscreen; For people who are allergic to ultraviolet rays, the SPF value should be 12-20. If you are outdoors for a long time, you should choose products with high sun protection index. However, the higher the sun resistance index, the higher the allergy probability, and the more greasy the product is. Skin experts remind: when buying, first test it on your wrist. If the skin is red, swollen, painful or itchy within 10 minutes, it means that you have allergic reaction to the product. You can try a product with a lower sun protection index or change a brand of sun protection cream.

If you want to whiten your skin, you need to apply it externally and eat supplements. Sunscreen is only a means to prevent sunburn. If you want to really whiten your skin, you need to nourish it from inside out. Big S has a principle summarized from more than ten years of whitening experience, that is, eat more whitening foods: Vitamin C, almonds, milk, soymilk and pearl powder. Black foods such as soy sauce, black vinegar and coffee are not eaten. Skin experts remind that when it comes to vitamin C, many people know its effect of “strengthening resistance and preventing colds”. In fact, vitamin C also has beauty effects. Now many beauty products contain vitamin C, because it can effectively prevent skin oxidation, help skin resist ultraviolet radiation, avoid dark spots and freckles, and strengthen skin’s ability to resist sun damage. Whitening Q & a question 1: do you only need to take one of vitamin E and vitamin C? Answer: no! Many people think that vitamin E and vitamin C only need to be taken, which is actually wrong. As one of the most important fat soluble antioxidants, VE is responsible for eliminating free radicals in human fat. Its efficacy is mainly manifested in freckling, beautifying and anti-aging, such as removing formed color spots, locking water, nourishing and delaying skin aging. VC, as one of the most important water-soluble antioxidants, is responsible for eliminating free radicals in human moisture. The effects are mainly manifested in health and whitening, such as strengthening the immunity of the body and skin, fighting against sub-health problems such as black, yellow, dark, rough and sensitive skin, whitening the skin and preventing the formation of color spots, and assisting ve to play a better role. Question 2: are the effects of natural and synthetic vitamin C the same? Answer: no! Vitamin C on the market is dazzling, both natural and synthetic. The effects of these two vitamins are completely different, and the two are very different. Different names: only truly all natural vitamin C can be called “natural vitamin C”. Prices are different: Generally speaking, the vitamin C on the market for a few yuan or more is almost synthetic. Different absorption: natural vitamin C contains vitamin P. It can prevent vitamin C from being oxidized and destroyed, and help vitamin C to be better absorbed by the human body. Different safety: the cost of synthesizing vitamin C is low, and the dosage is mostly high. For example, some vitamin C effervescent tablets contain 1000 mg of vitamin C, which is easy to cause oxalic acid or uric acid stones if taken for a long time.

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