How to remove freckles and dullness in the peak season of long spots? How to remove freckles and dullness in the peak season of long spots

Drying and moisturizing

Since the ingredients of whitening products today still can’t get rid of the “acid” media, long-term use of whitening products will have to bear the dry and sensitive skin caused by acid. In addition, if the skin is in the condition of epidermal water shortage for a long time, it is also easy to age and wrinkle. Therefore, when using whitening products, we must use cream with high moisturizing function at the same time, and try to use less water powder with strong water absorption when making up.

In addition, if the problem of black spots does not have to be eliminated in a short time, it is recommended that you use whitening products with strong ingredients only in the evening, because if your skin is exposed to water shortage and slight sensitivity every morning and evening, the work pressure, mood, air conditioning and pollution during the day will accelerate the speed of skin aging, and on the contrary, it will produce waves of skin problems that have not been settled yet.

Emphasize the key points and don’t whiten the whole face

When carrying out whitening maintenance, we must remember the way of priority, that is, divide the areas and treat them separately. If there is only one whitening maintenance product, then apply it on the whole face once, and apply it on the spot 2-3 times, with a few minutes of massage. If the whitening care products used have different intensities, then only apply the products with high intensities on the spots. Remember, when others look at you, they see the whole face and even the whole person. Only when you look at yourself, they see the spots on your face.

Regular exfoliation

Moderate and mild exfoliation can help the metabolism of melanin and the regeneration rate of new cells. Buy a mild exfoliating product, and give a “moderate” exfoliation to the spot every week. Please remember that going too far is better than falling short. The best way is to adopt a “gentle and gradual” nursing philosophy, and five minutes of care per week is enough.

Sun protection

Sunlight is the only thing that can make skin melanin cells react. Even if the endocrine is disordered and you drink more coffee, you won’t tan or grow spots without the sun. In addition, in recent years, the risk index of ultraviolet rays on the skin has gradually increased, so no matter whether it is necessary to whiten or remove spots, as long as it is sunny season, you must wear sunscreen for protection.

mental health

People with long spots on their faces usually have spots so pale that others can hardly see them, but she herself is very upset and distressed!

When many people get up early and look in the mirror, they would like to stick it on the mirror to check their shortcomings: the pores on the nose are getting thicker and thicker; The spots on the cheekbones are densely covered; The fine lines in the corners of the eyes tend to deepen obviously; The drooping eyelids can almost be cut off to make curtains… After hitting their self-confidence, the psychological pressure is increasing, so the pores are thicker, the spots are deeper, the eyelids are more drooping, and women are more unhappy. So it’s also important to drive away spots and mental health!

Women should do the following to prevent color spots——

Remove psychological pressure in time, balance the mind, learn to talk when you are wronged, and find a psychologist in time if you can’t solve psychological obstacles;

Pay attention to sunscreen. When you go out, you must apply sunscreen. In strong light, the index of sunscreen should be higher;

Women who have been facing the computer for a long time had better apply some isolation cream and wash their faces after using the computer;

Take a bath or sauna once a week to promote blood circulation and toxin discharge in the body;

Sleep enough to prevent problems such as poor blood circulation and endocrine imbalance, resulting in dark skin and freckles.

Self made freckle removing facial mask:

Kutocinus soup

Use 1 piece of Carpinus Carpinus bark, 1 catty of rice soup, add 1 egg white, boil until cold, wash the black spots with medicinal water in the morning, and remove the spots after a few days.

Aloe juice flour film

Apply aloe juice to your face before going to bed at night, or add appropriate honey flour to aloe juice to make a facial mask and apply it to your face. After a period of time, you will find that the spots on your face are much lighter.

Chinese medicine Whitening Facial Mask

Angelica dahurica, liquorice, nucleolus, Angelica sinensis, mung bean powder, sandalwood, etc. Add honey, milk and 1 / 4 of the protein, apply an appropriate amount to the whole face (not to the eyes and mouth of course), and then wash with water after drying. 1-2 times a week (not too many times, the skin will not bear it). It can be used for acne, dark spots and freckles, and can also narrow the pores near the nose. People who have used it feel good, and their skin will become white, tender and cheap.

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