How to reasonably arrange the plan for fitness novices

How can fitness novices reasonably arrange their plans?

First point: who am I? Height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, body fat rate, work and rest time, when I am free and when I can’t come. Make the above into a table to understand your physical condition from all aspects.

Second point: my goals are different from those of people who come to the gym. Some people want to strengthen their cardiopulmonary function, some people want to have a better body shape, some people want to lose fat and weight, some people want to increase their strength, bounce power, endurance and explosive power, and even some people just want to take photos, meet people who like fitness or recruit employees they want (because fitness people have a higher degree of self-discipline and are healthier).

For different goals, there are naturally many differences in fitness intensity. Here, excluding those with different ideas, I will just say the following

The first kind is people who start fitness. If they were weak or obese in the past, they wanted to reduce fat and lose weight and improve their physique, they should basically focus on adaptation in the early stage. They should not exercise too much every week. They should exercise once every two days or every other day for half an hour each time. They should also make light-intensity exercises. If they want to increase the load, they can do it under the guidance of the coach.

The second is to go back to running, swimming or have a good constitution in the past. You can moderately exercise with moderate intensity. If you have intelligence and talent, you can also modify your fitness plan appropriately and add interesting and antagonistic sports. It is advisable to exercise for about half an hour to three hours each time.

If you want to strengthen your muscles, note that the recovery period of muscles is two to three days. If you continue to exercise your muscles, it will be shortened. However, it must be borne in mind that if you continue to exercise your muscles for a second time before your muscles have fully recovered, there will not be too much effect, and even the opposite will happen. Generally speaking, fitness plans are written weekly. Beginners can use the following plans as a reference.

Monday: chest, triceps and abdominal muscles.

Tuesday: rest.

Wednesday: back, biceps and abdominal muscles.

Thursday: rest.

Friday: leg, shoulder and abdominal muscles.

Saturday and Sunday: choose a day to exercise your shoulders slightly, or do aerobics such as running and swimming

Novices exercise in this way because their abdominal muscles are hard-working muscles. After a day’s rest, they can recover again. For others, because they are afraid that novices will exercise excessively, they can rest for one week. Each week, they can break through the previous time, and the time or frequency can increase.

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