Skin freckle daily care plan skin freckle daily care plan

The spots on the skin are temporary spots after sunburn, not caused by the body. This kind of sunburn can be diluted with whitening products and correct skin care methods, but you must have the common sense to buy whitening products.

When the healthy skin is threatened and damaged by external factors, it starts the self-defense mechanism. Tyramine in the skin is an enzyme that promotes the active proliferation of melanin in melanin. When the skin is damaged by external factors, it sends a distress signal to the skin epithelial cells. Melanin in the skin cells is abnormally active and generates black spots

At this time, the spots on the skin are temporary spots after sunburn, not spot skin caused by physical reasons. This kind of sunburn can be diluted with whitening products and correct skin care methods, but you must have the common sense of buying whitening products, that is to say, you must understand which is a sunscreen whitening product and which is a spot removing whitening product. Their usage and use are different. For example, the following product concept is a whitening product suitable for removing spots:

Deep whitening cream – continuously deliver nutrients to the skin, and cooperate with pure vitamin C formula to improve freckles and control melanin

Transcendent whitening essence — containing mucopolysaccharide and vitamin C formula, it can deeply control abnormal melanin, fade black spots and awaken sluggish nuclei

Pure whitening facial mask — it can effectively remove the stratum corneum and make the whitening effect more remarkable.

With the right product and the right care process, I believe that freckle removal is within reach.

What you need to do every day:

1. Day

To clean the skin with whitening detergent, you need to use gentle hands, and ensure that the skin is washed clean, so as to lay a good foundation for the next maintenance procedure;

Whitening lotion regulates the skin, apply the lotion to the palm of the hand, and pat it with both hands until it is completely absorbed by the skin;

Whitening lotion moisturizes the skin, provides oxygen and moisture required by the skin in addition to whitening the skin, and restores the youthful look of the skin;

The final procedure is to apply a thin layer of moisturizing foundation make-up on your face for basic skin maintenance during the day.

2. Skin care steps at night

Clean the skin, use makeup water, use whitening and repairing cream, and give the most special care to the skin at night when the skin cells are most active.

3. Essence once every three days

It’s better to add some whitening and speckle removing snow powder to the whitening essence (which can be selected according to the product itself), and the effect will be more obvious. After blending the essence and whitening and speckle removing powder, apply it on your face. If economic conditions permit, you can stick a piece of gauze with whitening essence and apply it on your face for 20-25 minutes. During this period, you need to keep the humidity of the gauze. When the time is up, take off the gauze and you can sleep safely.

4. Use whitening facial mask once a week

You need to remove a layer of cuticle from your skin, then pat a large amount of whitening essence on your face to make it penetrate, apply it on your face with a wet gauze, and then brush the facial mask on the gauze (you need to make the gauze stick to your face), stay for 20 minutes, take off the gauze, wash your skin with water, and then apply whitening repair cream. You can sleep safely.

5. There is also an intensive maintenance method, that is, the intensive products launched for different problem skin. This is a relatively new maintenance product of many cosmetics manufacturers. You can carry out intensive maintenance of skin according to the requirements of the products you choose. This maintenance method should be very fast, but the price is also relatively expensive.

It is recommended that home maintenance and beauty salon maintenance should be carried out at the same time, but it should be noted that the skin after sunburn is fragile. The massage method in the beauty salon must be light. The time for exfoliation needs to be determined according to the specific situation of the skin, and it can not be carried out according to the old-fashioned and programmed skin maintenance. Therefore, we need to carefully choose a beauty salon to maintain our skin.

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