How to choose a gym for beginners

how to choose a gym for beginners

1. Geographical location: it is convenient to take a bus, and it is better to choose a gym near home within 20 minutes, which is conducive to maintaining your own fitness plan. It should be convenient to take a car, and car owners should pay attention to whether there are enough parking spaces. In addition, good ventilation and air quality are the basic conditions of the gym. Try not to choose the gym in the basement.

2. The price of gym card is not fixed. Both salespeople and private instructors earn commission by selling cards and classes. At this time, you can give full play to your bargaining power. In addition, sales and private teaching will have performance pressure at the end of the month. Whether it is to apply for cards or buy private teaching courses, they will generally be more preferential at the end of the month.

3. Equipment barbells and dumbbells need to be in sufficient quantity and well maintained, with a certain proportion of rope instruments and mirrors. The free weight area is the core area of strength training, and the efficiency and pertinence of fixed equipment are worse. There are plenty of fitness ball equipment, which can help to train balance and flexibility, stretch, and improve the quality and efficiency of training. There should be enough treadmills and elliptical machines to detect heart rate. Otherwise, you will not be able to find a place to do aerobics. The elliptical machine is especially needed for those with heavy body. It is also effective to protect your knees.

4. Class fitness is for those who take group exercises. Please experience the class more before you decide. It mainly focuses on the content, coaches and venues of the exercise class. Every salesperson has a free experience card. It’s best to experience it 1-2 times before deciding whether to apply for a card.

5. The exercise coaches in the Coach Fitness Club are generally hired externally, and the level of coaches varies from gym to gym. The sales of private tutors generally account for about 50% of the total income of gyms. In order to increase profits, some small gyms will irresponsibly recruit “coaches” who only sell but do not have coaching experience and coaching certificates. Therefore, before handling the card, it is best to take an experience class to feel the level of the coach.

6. Ventilation, lighting and user volume of fitness environment; Good gyms are often overcrowded, but this is actually a headache. Too many people will disrupt your rest time between groups, affect the connection between groups, etc., affect the completion of your fitness plan, and waste your time. After completing a group of pull ups, you find that dumbbells have been taken by others, and you wait in the treadmill area for half an hour. These are things that make your fitness experience worse.

7. Basic guarantee of air quality gymnasium a good gymnasium first guarantees the demand of trainers for air. No one is willing to give their health to a gymnasium whose air quality cannot be guaranteed. This will not only guarantee fitness, but also produce side effects. Whether there are good ventilation facilities, whether there are green bonsai, and whether there are air purification facilities to make it clean and fresh.

8. Requirements of hygiene level on one’s own health professional gyms belong to public entertainment and fitness venues, and the hygiene level must be in place. Whether the public fitness equipment is regularly cleaned, maintained and maintained, whether there are disinfectants, towels and other cleaning supplies, whether the public environment is clean and tidy, whether the fitness equipment remains sweat stains, whether the changing room is clean, whether the shower area is clean, and whether the public facilities such as slippers are cleaned and disinfected.

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