Whitening tea can make your skin tender and white. Is drinking whitening tea effective

Drinking tea is not only an elegant and refreshing thing, but also has the effect of beauty and beauty for the skin. Introduce five whitening teas to make you drink white skin easily.

Drink out white and beautiful skin

1. Ingredients for iced fruit black tea: large ice cubes, crushed ice, black tea, sugar oil (available in supermarkets), lemon slices, and lychee juice practice: A. put ice cubes at the bottom of the cup to the third of the cup, and put a few slices of lemon into the ice cubes. B. Then pour black tea close to the mouth of the cup, and add crushed ice over the mouth of the cup to form a pyramid. C. Pour sugar and oil on crushed ice and add some lychee juice to make the fruit more fragrant! Function: the crystal clear litchi meat is rich in vitamin C and protein, which helps to enhance the immune function of the body; At the same time, litchi is rich in vitamins, which can prevent freckles, make skin smoother, and let you fully display your delicate skin in the hot sun.

2. Ingredients for multi flavor whitening tea: 9 strawberries, 5g mulberry peel powder, 1 apple, 15g honey, a little spinach, 2 lemons, and a proper amount of ice. Methods: 1. First beat strawberries, apples and spinach into juice with a juicer. Filter out the residue. 2. Pour the juice into the pot, add honey, cook over low heat until it boils, and turn off the heat. 3. Add mulberry peel powder and brew for 5 minutes. 4. Pour into the tea maker and add lemon slices. Add a small amount of ice when drinking.

3. Ingredients for Rose Milk Tea: 9 dried roses, 15g coffee companion, 150g mung bean paste, appropriate amount of ice cubes and ice boiled water, and 15g honey. How to do it: 1. Add mung bean paste and 100ml of ice boiled water into the juicer for even use, and soak the dried roses in hot water for use. 2. Add 2 / 3 ice cubes and 300ml of a brewed rose tea into the cup. 3. Add the beaten green bean paste and coffee partner into the cup. 4. Add 15 grams of honey and stir well. Pour the prepared milk tea into the cup.

4. Ingredients for whitening fruit tea: 50g pineapple pulp, 10g lemon juice, 2 oranges, appropriate amount of granulated sugar, 5g fructose, 5g honey, appropriate amount of boiled water, appropriate amount of ice cubes, and 3G Angelica dahurica. How to do it: 1. Put the pineapple pulp and orange pulp in a small pot, add an appropriate amount of water and heat them over a low fire. 2. After boiling, add the fructose and lemon juice and continue to heat them over low heat. 3. Add sugar and honey and stir. 4. Add 3 grams of angelica powder, stir again and pour into the cup. Add ice cubes.

5. Ingredients for chrysanthemum whitening milk tea: 10g chrysanthemum tea, 100g red bean paste, 15g honey, 15g coffee mate, 200ml ice boiled water. How to do it: 1. Add 100g red bean paste and 100ml cold boiled water to the fruit juicer, stir well and set aside. 2. Add 2 / 3 ice cubes into the cup, and then add 150ml of already brewed chrysanthemum tea. 3. Add the beaten red bean paste and coffee partner, add honey, and then mix well. 4. Pour the prepared milk tea into a long cup and add some ice.

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