How can I make my own whitening facial mask to whiten? How can I make my own whitening facial mask to whiten

Many girls know the importance of skin care, and the most important thing for skin care is to replenish water. What can replenish water? Don’t take out the facial mask at this time and wait for the New Year! However, there are many kinds of facial mask on the market, none of which are duplicated. Which one should we choose? Will those facial mask ingredients hurt the skin. Girls with n questions have heard of self-made facial mask. It is made of natural and non irritating ingredients. It is easy to use and can save money for buying various unknown facial mask. It sounds like people are eager to try.

So is homemade facial mask really useful?

It depends on everyone’s skin. Because everyone’s skin is different, the degree of absorption of various nutrients is not the same, but sometimes the homemade facial mask may be like the dark cuisine made by some people. If it is not properly conditioned, it may spoil the materials and your own skin, so you must pay attention to this problem.

It’s better to use inferior facial mask than to make your own facial mask. Many girls who have just graduated or are still studying do not have much money. At this time, girls know that skin problems are very important, so they will choose to buy some inferior facial mask. In fact, in this case, it’s better to make a facial mask yourself, which is healthy, safe and economical. Isn’t it very appropriate?

What simple and easy to operate homemade facial mask are there?

1. Apply white vinegar and water to your face. Because the acidic ingredients of white vinegar can soften the cuticle of the skin, and we all know that white vinegar also has the effect of sterilization, and it is said that using it before washing the face can also narrow the pores of the skin and make it delicate, it has become very popular in recent years. Although this facial mask is the cheapest and easiest, it should be noted that white vinegar is acidic, so it may be corrosive to human skin if the amount is too large. Another bad thing is that after washing your face with white vinegar, there will be a great smell of vinegar on your body. If you can’t accept it, you can ignore this.

2. Corn flour + Banana + milk facial mask. The ingredients of this facial mask look delicious, so it is not recommended to use it as food, so as to avoid eating the facial mask before it works on your face. People who don’t eat food can have a good look, because the nutritional content of the facial mask itself is still very high, and the effect of hydration + whitening is not too good.

3. Mung bean powder facial mask. Because the ingredients contained in mung bean powder have antibacterial effect and can control oil well, there are many mung bean facial mask in the market now, but in fact, this facial mask can be made by yourself, so mom doesn’t have to worry about buying facial mask any more.

Whether it is a homemade facial mask, you should choose it according to your actual skin type. If you find burning or other discomfort on your face soon after applying it, you must wash it immediately to avoid skin problems.

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