Sister brother love is the perfect sex combination

At present, there are more and more love patterns of sister brother love. A survey shows that 36% of office workers in Taiwan have talked about sister brother love, and more and more people say they can accept the sister brother love of “women are big and men are small”. Some people even claim that sister brother love is the perfect combination of sex and love in physiology and psychology. However, psychological experts say that the main factor in achieving sexual harmony between husband and wife is not age. Whether it is the traditional “male older than female”, or the increasing “sister brother love”, husband and wife need to maintain a balance. Because in addition to sexual needs, people also have psychological and spiritual needs.

“women like to be needed” is their psychological foundation

From the general phenomenon of love, women, especially girls, will love men older than themselves, because in such a relationship, women can easily find the feeling of being taken care of and loved. But nothing is absolute. As women’s social roles become more and more independent and women’s autonomy in choosing a spouse becomes greater and greater, sister brother love has become a new trend: women in sister brother love are more mature and worthy of reliance.

Psychological experts believe that the sister brother love is completely different from the traditional love between men who are big and women who are small. It has an obvious characteristic: most men have Oedipus complex, and the reason why women find a man who is younger than themselves to fall in love is to get a feeling of being needed by others, especially those women who were not needed or even ignored in the past. Their psychology of sister brother love is more serious. When a man with Oedipus complex meets a woman who likes to be “needed”, both sides have feelings, then the sister brother relationship is successful.

there is a certain physiological basis for sister brother love.

As the saying goes, “women are like wolves in their thirties and tigers in their forties”, and the peak of men’s sexual ability is at the age of 20-30. So from the perspective of sexual life alone, at a certain stage, the combination of sister brother love makes men and women meet in sexual love.

Miss Yang, 32, confided to a psychological counselor: I don’t understand that I fell in love with a colleague who is 9 years younger than me. A year ago, a college student came to the office. He liked chatting with me very much. On one occasion, he took the initiative to express his love to me. I also liked his sunshine. Once, we went on a business trip together. He came to my room to chat, and then stayed there. That night, he gave me a real taste of being a woman. Since then, I can’t live without him. Originally, my husband still has feelings for me and respects me, but we haven’t had sex for a long time. He worked very hard every day and was under great pressure. Once he failed, he never dared to try again.

Psychological experts say that it is true that in a certain period of time, the combination of sister brother love makes men and women meet in terms of sexual physiology and psychology, but can this fit last long? After the age of 30, men’s sexual ability began to decline, mainly because of work pressure. The various pressures that men endure will greatly consume men’s energy. Therefore, in front of women, many men will indeed appear powerless in terms of sex.

age is not the most important thing in marriage and love.

In terms of physiology, the sexual and physiological abilities of men and women around the age of 30 will become increasingly incompatible.

Does this mean that sexual disharmony between the two sexes will inevitably lead to marital disharmony? Hu Shenzhi believes that besides sexual needs, people also have psychological and spiritual needs. If sex is not satisfied, there are other aspects that can be satisfied, and the husband and wife relationship can still find a balance. However, many people now attribute the failure of marriage to the disharmony of sexual relations. In fact, it is often not sex itself that leads to the dissolution of the family. For example, if a man suffers from ED and can’t satisfy his wife, he will definitely feel inferior, and behind his inferiority, there will be great aggression, such as suspecting his wife for no reason. In the end, the reason for the dissolution of family and marriage is often not sex itself, but suspicion.

Therefore, women at the age of strong sexual desire should correctly view their sexual needs and avoid putting pressure on their husbands in terms of sex.

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