How many ways to create perfect snow skin? I’ll teach you a few moves to create perfect snow skin

Mm all want to have white and delicate skin, because a white face is always so pleasant, even if the facial features are not so delicate, it also gives people a very comfortable and beautiful feeling. How can I whiten my skin quickly? The following is a collection of the simplest and fastest whitening methods. Come and have a look.

Light vinegar water whitening method

When cleaning your face at ordinary times, add a small amount of edible vinegar to the washing water, mix it according to the daily cleansing method and add a gentle massage, and then wash it with water after 3 minutes. If you persist in washing your face with vinegar for a long time, your skin will be white, smooth, shiny and elastic. Vinegar water can soften the stratum corneum and whiten the skin. It also has bactericidal effect.

Jasmine water whitening method

Prepare the jasmine flowers that have not yet fully opened, gently wash them with water, put them in the bottle, add an appropriate amount of cold boiled water, seal the bottle, wait a few days, and then add some medical alcohol, so as to make Jasmine water similar to toner. It can be used to pat on the face after washing, whiten and nourish the skin while shrinking pores.

Carrot juice whitening method

Take half a fresh carrot, wash it, put it into a fruit machine, press it into a muddy shape, add a small amount of milk, mix it together, and smear it directly on your face after cleansing. It is best to use it before going to bed at night. You can wash it the next morning. If you insist on using it, the whitening effect is not coarse, and it can also dilute freckles.

Yogurt honey whitening method

Prepare an appropriate amount of yogurt. In order to avoid waste, you can use the remaining yogurt after drinking, add a small amount of honey to mix, stir evenly, and then apply it to the face skin. After 15 minutes, wash it with clean water, which can have a good whitening and moisturizing effect.

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