Fighting stress: Chinese medicine can also help you overcome your worries

Stress and fatigue are common things for us. Although some people turn stress into power in the cold every day, it is estimated that there are not many people who have really succeeded in transformation. Otherwise, they should appear in front of the world and be well known. But your pressure is increasing at home, so it’s impossible not to reduce pressure! Worrying too much makes people abnormal. Today, I’ll teach you some ways to escape from the stress cage.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the pace of work and life is gradually accelerating, and the requirements for people’s ability are also increasing. Coupled with the global economic depression caused by the current financial tsunami in the United States, people’s pressure has been pushed to the top. Singapore’s financial and economic environment this year is not optimistic, and this pressure will not disappear in a short time. From a medical point of view, long-term excessive stress is highly destructive and will seriously damage your health both mentally and physically.

What common diseases will long-term excessive stress bring to our body? 1、 Stress leads to depression

Depression caused by long-term excessive mental stress is the most common and destructive psychological problem at present. In recent years, more and more patients suffer from depression due to various pressures, and depression has become the largest health killer of modern people, regardless of men, women, old and young. It is not only a psychological problem, but also directly damages the health of the body, makes people lose the ability to work and live, and even leads to self mutilation and suicide.

Symptoms of depression are as follows:

1. Depressed mood (low mood)

2. Decrease or disappearance of interest (no pleasure, no joy)

3. Decrease or loss of energy (low work efficiency, often feel tired)

4. Sleep disorder (difficulty in falling asleep or waking up early)

5. Low self-evaluation (self blame and guilt)

6. Suicidal thoughts or behaviors

7. Others, such as restlessness, inability to concentrate, decision-making power, attention loss and slow thinking and action.

As long as we fully understand the danger of depression, understand the early symptoms of depression, and treat it as soon as possible, we can get a chance to cure it.

Acupuncture and moxibustion of traditional Chinese medicine has a very good effect on depression, and it has no toxic side effects and dependence. It is superior to western medicine for tranquilizing and tranquilizing the mind and fighting depression in terms of adjusting the body and long-term efficacy.

2、 Stress causes insomnia

Modern people’s insomnia, stress and depression can not be completely separated. Insomnia and depression are caused by stress, and insomnia aggravates depression and pressure. Because people can’t get enough sleep for a long time, not only do people become extremely sensitive and impatient in mood, but their physical health also deteriorates.

If it is a temporary insomnia caused by a period of pressure, it does not necessarily need treatment. When the problem is solved and the pressure is relieved, normal sleep will generally be restored. However, if the long-term stress problem is not solved, and if you lose sleep for a long time, you will still not be able to sleep normally even without pressure, which requires timely medical treatment. But don’t take sleeping pills, Chinese medicine and acupuncture casually. It is very helpful to relieve insomnia.

3、 Stress causes pain

If you don’t pay attention to the long-term tension and pressure, it will accumulate over time, and there will be some inexplicable pain in different parts of the body, such as headache, back pain, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, joint pain, and even whole body pain.

Experts remind: the pain of unknown causes can’t be ignored. Don’t take painkillers casually. You can identify whether you suffer from this kind of pain from the following three aspects. First, the pain lasted for more than half a year. Second, no reason was found. Third, it affects study, work and life.

With these three points, we should pay attention to self-regulation and seek medical treatment to avoid delaying the condition and enduring pain for a long time. Acupuncture, cupping, medicine and other methods can effectively and quickly relieve pressure and various discomfort and pain caused by pressure.

4、 Relieve pressure and self regulate

1. Exercise decompression: exercise is a very healthy method of decompression. Through exercise, bad substances generated by pressure in the body can be released, and muscle tension can be relaxed.

2. Adjust mentality: those who pursue perfection too much need to adjust their mentality and treat their life and work with a more practical attitude, so as not to cause great pressure on themselves.

3. Nine kinds of food are helpful to stress relief: ① deep-water fish (the source of happiness); ② bananas (to reduce anxiety); ③ spinach (to drive away melancholy); ④ eggs (to say goodbye to sleepiness); ⑤ grapefruit (to refresh the mind); ⑥ garlic (to get rid of anxiety); ⑦ pumpkin (to drive away fatigue); ⑧ walnuts (to nourish the brain and sleep); ⑨ lotus seeds (to nourish the heart and mind)

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