What are the common misunderstandings of whitening skin? What are the common misunderstandings of whitening skin

Most women want their skin to be white and delicate. Try various whitening methods for this. However, many people go into the wrong area of whitening without achieving results, and instead waste energy and money. What are the misunderstandings about whitening?

What are the common misconceptions about whitening skin?

1. Remove makeup. Nowadays, girls can’t avoid makeup. Makeup is a double-edged sword, which can bring beauty to people and also cause certain damage to the skin. Cosmetics usually contain grease. Only when oily makeup removers are cleaned first and then washed twice with facial cleanser can residual makeup and dirt be completely removed and pores be dredged. Incomplete makeup removal will easily lead to melanin deposition and accumulation.

2. Sleep is not enough sleep time, and whether the quality of sleep is usually closely related to our skin. Usually, staying up all night not only slows down metabolism and deposits melanin, but also produces freckles and dark circles under the eyes.

3. Whitening products. People in modern society live in a fast-paced environment, indoors, outdoors, even at home or abroad. They have been living in different places for various reasons, but their temperature and humidity will be different in different regions and seasons. So if you want to whiten, a set of whitening products is far from enough. The corresponding whitening products should be selected according to the changes of seasons and regions. But be careful not to change too often.

4. It’s a famous brand. Skin care products usually emphasize quality, natural ingredients, etc. good ingredients can indeed whiten, but relying on the American effect of famous brands will cause many maladaptive problems. It is most important to choose skin care products that are suitable for you. Therefore, don’t just buy expensive brand-name skin care products.

5. Fast whitening. Don’t be tempted by some unrealistic fast whitening publicity. Whitening is a long-term thing. Fast whitening is only temporary and may cause harm to the body. You should use mild products, which will gradually turn white after slow maintenance and care. This whitening will be healthier and more lasting.

6. Eat indiscriminately. Some people will have the following favorite foods, such as coffee, chocolate and other dark foods. But in fact, these foods will more or less affect our skin whitening, and will make our skin black. If you want to turn white, you should eat more light vegetables and fruits in the shop while staying away from these foods. You’d better choose green vegetables and fresh fruits.

7. Sun exposure. Even if some people wear sunscreen, they will sometimes get sunburned. They also need to take other sunscreen measures. They must wear sunscreen and take comprehensive sunscreen measures whether they have the sun or not, or if they are exposed to the sun for a short time. Once you tan for a short time, you should remedy it in time, otherwise you may have to pay ten times more energy and time to go back in vain after the best remedy time.

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