Bad personality is sub-health

Everyone’s character is different. Maybe you will know what your character is and whether your temper is good or bad. However, you may not know that poor personality is also a state of sub-health. If you don’t believe it, please come to know it with me.

Differences in growth environment, genes and genetic factors will affect everyone’s personality. Once a character is formed, it will affect people’s thinking and behavior, and is also closely related to people’s health. Some people are affected by innate heredity and acquired life factors, forming personality characteristics different from normal people, such as irritability and lack of patience; Jealous and narrow-minded; People who are easily excited, angry, suspicious, etc. often suffer from various diseases and even die. Such cases are not uncommon at all times and in all countries.

The influence of bad personality on human health is multifaceted. It can do harm to human brain, internal organs and other parts. For example, when depressed, the brain is excessively inhibited, resulting in immune dysfunction, thus causing nutritional dysfunction, making the human body weak and premature aging; When angry, the muscles at the outlet of the stomach suddenly contract, leading to gastrointestinal dysfunction and even organic damage; Anger and pain can make people’s sympathetic nerves extremely excited, heart beat faster, myocardial oxygen consumption increases, and then lead to hypertension and heart disease.

Introverted, melancholy, depressed and anxious people are prone to ulceration, neurosis, asthma, cancer, constipation and other diseases; Jealous people are prone to acute gastritis, headache, anorexia, insomnia and dreams; Moody, melancholy and anxious personalities account for the largest proportion of psychiatric patients, so some people say that such personalities are prone to mental illness.

On the contrary, people who are cheerful, lively, optimistic, outspoken, and do not speak against their wishes are less likely to suffer from mental illness, serious illness and chronic disease. Even if they suffer from illness, they recover quickly.

Differences in personality also affect the changes of diseases. Most of the people whose cancer disappears without treatment are optimistic and carefree. Hypertension and coronary heart disease can be aggravated by the patient’s irritability and irritability, and can also be improved by his peace of mind and emotional stability.

Gastric ulcer disease may aggravate pain and even become malignant due to melancholy and anxiety of patients; And those who are optimistic and cheerful will recover faster after active treatment even if they get gastric ulcer. People with fragile personality will suffer from mental illness due to a mental blow; Those who are strong in character and calm in everything are less likely to get sick.

As a person with bad personality, we should first recognize the harm of our own personality to ourselves, have self-knowledge, and attach importance to the cultivation of good personality, which is one of the important means of self-care. Secondly, we should treat ourselves and others correctly in our daily work and life. We should look at and think about problems from the big picture, treat people with mercy, deal with things with magnanimity, and do not delve into problems. Third, pay attention to engaging in various sports, making friends, tourism, entertainment and other activities at ordinary times, so as to cultivate an optimistic mood and an open-minded character.

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