If you meet these 8 requirements, your man should be changed

If more than half of the following eight conditions are met, it is recommended that you change:

1. Every time he makes the same mistake, the more times he makes, the stronger your negative reaction will be.

2. His skill in lying (especially hurtful lies) is obviously improved, and your ability to uncover lies is also obviously improved.

3. Although he is a good man, when you are with him recently, you are thinking about others.

4. You haven’t been very critical of him yet, but it seems that your relatives and friends around you don’t like him.

5. He can’t read your mind, and when you need him to listen, he always doesn’t understand or is absent-minded.

6. Recently, you have the feeling that he will leave you at any time, or repeatedly ask you to give him more freedom, but it is really difficult for you to do so.

7. He is afraid of losing you. He often kills or hurts himself to make you feel that you should not leave him.

8. You love him, but when you are with him, you show less and less your true colors.

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