The simplest and most effective whitening method? The simplest and most effective whitening method

The simplest and most effective whitening method is that you want to lighten your skin color by eating. “Dietary whitening” mainly supplements vitamins, antioxidants and minerals to add healthy complexion. The chef said that the most convenient way is to eat “dark green” vegetables, because there are many anthocyanins and rich in vitamin C, but vitamin C is afraid of heat. For example, it is good to make a salad with dark green cauliflower. In terms of drinks, soymilk has many isoflavones and strong antioxidant power. What about fruits, It’s very healthy to drink 1:1 juice with water at home.

Skin whitening method 1: once a day salad, choose the right sauce to double the beauty effect

Raw food is the best way to preserve the antioxidation of vegetables and fruits. The chef suggests eating “normal temperature salad” for a single meal every day to protect the environment inside the body. The following three selected sauces can ensure that you don’t get fat and double your beauty. Original yoghurt + fruit: yoghurt sold in the market has a lot of sugar. It is a popular practice in Japan to buy ultra original yoghurt + fruit and make sauce in the vitality restaurant. Olive oil: pure olive oil can bring good cholesterol and produce the female hormone most needed for beauty. A little bit is delicious. Sesame oil: Korean people’s favorite (their skin is good!), It is best made by cold pressing. It is rich in vitamin A, and its anti-aging effect goes without saying.

Skin whitening method 2: do not drink tea after dinner, and use animal iron to create love and lust

Iron is an important element that makes your face white and red. In particular, animal iron has a high absorption rate in the human body. Red meat is the best choice, but it is not enough to have meat in meals. There is also knowledge in drinks after meals. Vitamin C can promote iron absorption. Oranges such as orange and grapefruit juice are the best, while coffee or tea, which is easy to oxidize, will make your nutrient intake fail.

Skin whitening method 3: multiply 30 kinds of food every day to get the strongest skin whitening formula

When the whitening and skin care industry focused on Antioxidation a few days ago, people began to face up to the fact that “there are many kinds of free radicals”, so the more antioxidant ingredients are added to the skin care products, the more effective it is. This concept is the same with eating. For example, the cancer prevention association promotes “five vegetables and fruits every day”, and the Japanese are crazy about the theory that “30 kinds of food every day are the healthiest to complement each other”. Ouyang Feifei once recommended this as the secret of keeping her skin transparent and bright. It’s not difficult to eat 30 kinds of food every day. If you count a bowl of simple tanzai noodles, there are seven or eight kinds of materials!

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