The simplest and most effective sleeping method of traditional Chinese Medicine

difficulty falling asleep

reduce heart fire and replenish kidney water

Recommendation: Huanglian Ejiao chicken soup

Case: Mr. Zhao is 45 years old this year. Recently, he has always found it difficult to fall asleep. He often tosses and turns for several hours before falling asleep. Once he falls asleep, he can sleep until dawn. But during the day, he often feels upset and angry, dizzy and tinnitus, and is easy to get tired.

Analysis: Traditional Chinese medicine calls insomnia “insomnia” and “not lying down”. It believes that insomnia is mainly caused by internal factors of the body, such as weakness, anxiety, depression, discord in diet and so on. It is mostly related to insufficient heart, liver, spleen, kidney and Yin blood, and the main pathological change is the heart. Because “the heart hides the spirit”, the quality of sleep will also be discounted.

Mr. Zhao’s difficulty in falling asleep is often caused by heart kidney failure. According to the five elements theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the heart belongs to fire and Yang, and the kidney belongs to water and Yin. The heart fire must descend to the kidney, so that the kidney water is not cold, and the kidney water must also reach the heart, so that the heart fire is not hyperactive. It is called “the intersection of the heart and the kidney”.

However, some people who are under heavy work pressure, think too much or have bad sexual intercourse on weekdays often have excessive anger, which depletes kidney water, so that heart Yang can not enter kidney Yin at night, which also shows difficulty in sleeping. These people generally have symptoms of hyperactivity such as anxiety, dry throat and dry mouth at the same time, as well as symptoms of kidney water deficiency such as weakness of the waist and knees, dizziness and forgetfulness, and ejaculation. In treatment, we should lower heart fire and tonify kidney water, so that the heart and kidney intersect.

For this kind of people who have difficulty in falling asleep, I recommend a Huanglian Ejiao chicken seed yellow soup, Huanglian reduces heart fire, Ejiao kidney tonic water, which can be taken together with egg yolk to nourish yin and clear fire and alleviate insomnia. The specific method is: add 3 grams of Coptis chinensis and water to boil for about half an hour. After removing the residue, add 10 grams of donkey hide gelatin, boil it, add a piece of raw egg yolk, and stir it evenly. Twice a day, in the morning and evening.

It should be noted that some people are too full, and the Qi mechanism of the spleen and stomach in the middle energizer is blocked, which also easily affects the intersection of the heart and kidney. This kind of insomnia is not suitable for taking Ejiao, which is rich and greasy and hinders the stomach. You can do abdominal massage and walk after meals to promote food digestion and improve sleep quality.

wake up too early

warming kidney yang and nourishing qi and blood

Recommendation: rub your feet every night

Case: Aunt Wang is 60 years old this year, and she is still healthy. There is only one problem that always bothers her, that is, she wakes up very early in the morning, and she can’t sleep at four o’clock every day, which is completely out of sync with her husband and children. I am usually afraid of the cold, often have cold hands and feet, have a clear and long urine, and are prone to diarrhea.

Analysis: Aunt Wang’s situation is more common among the elderly. During the day, the Yang Qi is abundant, and at night, the Yin Qi is abundant. The elderly’s Kidney Yang is gradually declining, their Qi and blood are insufficient, and they are easy to be restless. Their kidneys are not hidden, and they sleep at night and wake up early in the morning. This is also the result of their lack of Yang Qi and the need for Yang Qi supply from the outside. This kind of people are generally accompanied by symptoms such as pale complexion, listless spirit, excessive urination at night, fat tongue and white fur. The treatment should start with warming the kidney yang and nourishing qi and blood.

For daily health care, you can choose two methods: rubbing Shenshu and wiping Yongquan: rub your hands hot and rub Shenshu points around your waist and eyes in a circular way, about 100 times a day; Or rub your feet before going to bed every night to stimulate the Yongquan point in the foot center, which has the effect of warming and Tonifying Kidney Yang. In terms of diet, it is recommended to use walnuts and black sesame to beat soymilk, and choose chestnuts, fungus, red dates, longan and other foods that can nourish blood.

In fact, each person’s nerve type is different, and the sleep time required is also different from person to person. For the elderly who wake up early in the morning, as long as they don’t feel tired during the day and are in good spirits, they don’t have to worry too much. On the contrary, if some young people with greater pressure often wake up early, they should consider the possibility of insufficient kidney yang and Qi and blood, and pay more attention to rest. Serious cases can be taken with Chinese patent medicine such as Jinkui Shenqi Pill under the guidance of doctors.

more dreams and shallow feelings

regulate the heart and spleen, protect courage and Qi

Recommendation: orange peel tuckahoe tea

Case: Xiao Li, 28, is a happy new mother. However, during the period since she gave birth, Xiao Li encountered trouble, that is, she slept very light at night and often dreamed, even if the child didn’t cry or make noise. Usually, I feel weak and dizzy, and my memory is also poor.

Analysis: Xiao Li’s situation is generally caused by the deficiency of both the heart and the spleen. It is common in people who are weak, lose more blood after childbirth, and overwork, which damages the heart and the spleen. Lack of heart and blood is inseparable from the damage of temper. Spleen injury is the biochemical deficiency of Qi and blood, which can not be served to the heart. If the heart is out of support, it will be uneasy and cause insomnia.

This kind of people generally have light sleep, intermittent sleep and feel tired. At the same time, it is accompanied by indigestion, poor appetite, palpitation and forgetfulness. The treatment should start with regulating the heart and spleen. Keep a happy mood at ordinary times, and don’t eat too much or too partial to food. In addition, it is recommended to use millet, lotus seeds and Lily to cook porridge, which can nourish the heart, calm the mind, regulate the spleen and stomach, and is a good product for maintaining healthy sleep.

Some people not only often dream at night, but also most of them have nightmares. This may be caused by lack of courage. It is generally caused by mental stimulation, excessive fright or staying up late (when the gallbladder is in season), often manifested as bitter mouth and indecisiveness.

It is recommended that such patients drink orange peel and poria cocos tea: take 10g of orange peel and poria cocos respectively, fry them for half an hour, and then brew tea to drink. It has the effect of regulating qi, strengthening spleen, calming heart and calming nerves. At ordinary times, you can also half clench your fists with both hands and gently tap the gallbladder meridian on the outside of your legs, which is also conducive to the generation of courage. In addition, people who often have nightmares should avoid staying up late and ensure that they go to bed before 10:30.

stay up all night

clear liver fire and flirt

Recommendation: Jiawei Xiaoyao Pill

Case: Mr. Li’s mental state is very bad recently. He often can’t sleep all night. He has a lot of fantasies and can’t be relieved by taking a lot of sleeping pills. He is usually irritable and likes to argue with people. In addition, he is not in a good mood and his eyes are dry. It is really painful.

Analysis: sleepless insomnia is mostly related to emotion. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the liver hides the soul and governs emotions. If the liver function is poor, the soul will not be able to leave home and sleep at night. Therefore, this kind of people can be treated from the liver.

Mr. Li’s performance is mainly related to his vigorous liver fire. Generally, people with a short temper and a love of anger are more frequent, and they are often accompanied by dizziness, swelling of the brain, red face, bitter mouth and dry throat. There are many reasons for excessive liver fire, such as excessive thinking and anger; Love to eat greasy and spicy food or take excessive drugs, which increases the burden on the liver.

The flourishing of liver fire should start with adjusting living habits, eating light, having regular work and rest, exercising more, being indifferent to fame and wealth, and the liver fire will gradually calm down. In addition, Prunella vulgaris and mulberry leaves can also be used as tea drinks to clear the liver fire and calm the liver qi. Angry people may as well rub the Taichong Point on their feet from time to time, which has the effect of soothing the liver, regulating qi and calming emotions, and alleviating the damage of anger to the liver.

Staying up all night is often related to the stagnation of liver qi. Although this kind of people do not often get angry, they press all their worries on their hearts, resulting in the discomfort of liver qi, triggering psychological activities such as depression, depression and anxiety, and naturally poor sleep quality. People with liver depression should be more relaxed, learn to express their emotions, and communicate more with others.

In addition, you can often drink fragrant and refreshing herbal teas, such as roses, chrysanthemums, peppermint, and Chinese wolfberry. Choose one or two kinds at a time, and drink them alternately or in combination, which is conducive to relieving liver depression and regulating mood. Those with more serious symptoms can take Xiaoyao pills or Modified Xiaoyao pills under the guidance of doctors. The liver Qi is smooth, and insomnia can be solved by itself.

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