What is the most effective skin care method? The most effective skin care method

In summer, people who are tanned have not yet had time to turn white. In autumn, dryness slowly invades the skin, aging accelerates, catches up with the pace of aging, and has anti-aging muscles faster. Go to the black in summer, moisten the dry in autumn, and collect skin care magic weapons to combat skin problems in two seasons at the same time.

Seasonal fruits activate cell vitality

Autumn is the season of fruit harvest, which just provides the best beauty products for moisturizing skin. Eating some fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables is far more effective and healthy than some pharmaceutical skin care products, and is more conducive to developing porcelain aesthetic skin. Fresh fruits are rich in vitamins, which can effectively resist oxidation and replenish water in the body, increase the vitality of cells, and make the skin moist and bright from the inside out.

Essence + Hydrating Facial Mask, moisturizing and whitening

In the dry autumn, what needs to be solved is not only the dryness of the skin, but also the sequelae left by the hot summer. After summer, the skin is black for several degrees, and the MMS are busy whitening, but the most fundamental whitening is to replenish water. Cool living spring water, pure water and softening water can calm the skin. After cleaning, cool softening water can calm the skin. First, apply a layer of moisturizing essence and repairing essence, so that essence can activate vitality and improve absorption. Then, make a moisturizing facial mask with soothing function, so that the skin can absorb moisture and nutrition more efficiently. The full water reduces the proportion of melanin in the cells, so as to achieve the whitening effect by replenishing water.

Carry on bottle purifies skin in time

At the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, during the transition period, under the dry climate, the skin becomes sensitive. It is particularly necessary to add water in time to purify the skin, and replenish water at any time to prevent melanin production or reduce pigment precipitation in time. Mm should prepare a small spray bottle with them, which is convenient for adding moisture to the skin at any time, moistening the dry autumn muscle and adding vitality. You can use DIY small spray according to your own skin characteristics. For example, natural ingredients such as seaweed can be selected for sensitive water shortage, spray made of rose and other plants can be selected for environmental water shortage, and spray made of green tea can be selected for oily water shortage.

Exercise regularly

Only when the whole body moves can every cell have vitality. Exercise can promote the metabolism of the body and allow the waste in the body to be discharged in time. Adhering to proper frequency of exercise can continuously and effectively remove toxins deposited in the body, reduce the melanin content of cells, whiten the skin from the inside of cells, and radiate youthful vitality from the inside to the outside. Insist on continuous exercise for at least half an hour every day. It is OK to run in the morning and at night. Choose aerobic exercise, so that every cell can fully absorb oxygen, promote metabolism and wake up vitality. Discharge melanin, bright and white again; Exercise activates cells and improves water absorption.

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