Where do women lose weight by skipping rope

Good or bad body is very important for most people. It is related to personal charm and health. Obesity not only affects the image, but also is extremely harmful to health. Therefore, if you have obesity, you must implement a weight loss plan at the first time. A scientific and reasonable weight loss plan can not ignore the coordination of exercise and diet, and exercise also plays an extremely important role. If only diet control is used to reduce weight, the effect may not be too ideal. Exercise can tighten muscles and shape body lines. Among thousands of sports, where do women lose weight by skipping rope?

Where do women lose weight by skipping rope

Thin leg

This is something we all know. The main force in rope skipping is the legs. The muscles of the legs will become stronger during the continuous jumping. If there is more fat in the legs, practicing rope skipping can get rid of these excess fat. The complete rope skipping action is completed in the action of repeatedly jumping, taking off and falling. During this process, the leg muscles will be constantly moved, so as to burn fat. This has an obvious effect on the management of leg lines.

Thin stomach

During rope skipping, I feel that I only use my legs and arms, which has little to do with my abdomen. In fact, this is not the case. During rope skipping, my abdominal muscles will move inward and contract. In addition, I need breathing cooperation. During the cooperation process, my abdomen will contract and relax constantly, and I will get exercise in between. Therefore, I believe that rope skipping is also effective for my thin stomach.

Thin arm

During rope skipping, the legs follow the rope thrown by the arm to jump and fall, so the arm’s movement around the rope is also extremely important. During the process of constantly throwing the rope, the muscles on the arm will be trained, and the fat will be burned, which also plays a more prominent role in shaping the arm.

What about women skipping rope to lose weight? In fact, it is useful for managing the whole body, but the force on the legs, stomach and arms will be more obvious. If you want to choose an exercise as the main exercise in the weight loss plan, you can consider choosing rope skipping. It is a medium-intensity exercise, which can completely meet the needs of weight loss. When skipping rope, pay attention to observe the change of heart rate. The change of speed should not be too fast or too fast. If it can reach 60 pieces per minute, it is best to persist for a longer time and maintain a certain heart rate.

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