How to choose dumbbells and how to use dumbbells correctly

how to select dumbbells

1. Note that the selected types of dumbbells are detachable and non detachable. Detachable dumbbells are more flexible to use, but maintenance is more troublesome. The maintenance of non removable dumbbells is simple, but the scope of use is not wide. With the improvement of your strength, they may be eliminated.

2. Pay attention to the weight of shopping. When shopping for dumbbells, first weigh them with your hands. Don’t lift them with difficulty. It is easy to damage muscles after long-term exercise. It can’t be lifted easily, and it can’t exercise. It’s just a little hard to lift.

In addition, for people under the age of 18, the weight of dumbbells is better below 4lb, because the body of minors is still in the development stage, and too heavy dumbbells are not good for physical development.

People aged 18 to 50 can choose 4lb-6lb dumbbells, which are moderate in weight and can exercise muscles. Of course, if you have special requirements on strength, you can buy removable dumbbells and slowly increase the weight, but the weight should not exceed 8lb, so as to avoid muscle injury.

correct use of dumbbells

Grip refers to the way of holding the dumbbell bar with your hands. The purpose of adjusting the grip is to complete the movement safely, flexibly and comfortably. The basic grip methods include: ordinary grip, empty grip, lock grip and assisted grip.

Ordinary grip, this common grip is the most commonly used dumbbell exercise method, and is also the method most people use when they first touch dumbbells, because this method is the simplest, easiest to master the essentials, and also the method most people can accept and use.

Just like its name, its grip strength is very common. Just let everyone’s palms face up, then put dumbbells, let dumbbells pass through our palms, put dumbbells on our hands, and put thumbs on the index and middle fingers. At this time, the five fingers need to hold dumbbells, but when holding dumbbells, the thumbs are on the index and middle fingers. This is the strongest grip.

Lock the grip, the dumbbell bar passes through the palm, and the thumb is placed under the other four fingers. This kind of grip is generally used to grip heavy dumbbells. The range of motion of the upper limbs is very small, and there is no need to do too much movement.

Empty grip, which is the most dangerous exercise method, also needs very experienced people to use it. If you are not familiar with dumbbells, this method can easily hurt yourself. Fitness lovers who have been training for a long time can try this kind of exercise.

But other than that, it is not recommended to use this method. This method is the same as the first action at the beginning. It requires everyone to hold the dumbbell tightly with five fingers, but everyone should make the center of gravity of the dumbbell perpendicular to the arm. The center of gravity is also perpendicular to the palm of the hand, so that the dumbbell is in the hand, and it is also necessary to ensure that it does not roll back and forth.

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