How to whiten naturally black skin? How to whiten naturally black skin

Although it has become an established fact that your skin is naturally dark, you can change this situation and regain your self-confidence through the efforts of the day after tomorrow. Today, let me take you to find a way to bring back whitening, so that you can be transformed into a white beauty.

When it comes to skin whitening, people should first understand the composition of facial skin color: the color of skin is composed of four biotins: melanin (brown), oxidized hemoglobin (red), reduced hemoglobin (blue) and carotene (yellow). The first three belong to endogenous pigments, and the latter is exogenous pigments.

How to whiten a woman’s black skin

Whether the skin is white or not mainly depends on the ability of melanocytes to synthesize melanin. Among the basal cells of human epidermis, melanocytes are distributed. The tyrosine contained in melanocytes can oxidize tyrosine into polysaccharide, and then undergo a series of metabolic processes. Finally, melanocytes can be produced. The more melanin is produced, the darker the skin becomes; On the contrary, the skin becomes clearer.

Therefore, it is the content of melanin that determines the whiteness and blackness of the skin. Under the action of tyrosinase, melanin is produced by melanocytes and then transferred to epidermal keratinocytes. The color of skin is related to the ability of each melanocyte to produce melanin, the number of melanocytes and the speed of melanin transfer to keratinocytes.


From the perspective of skin whitening, people always think that the less melanin the better. However, for people who work in the sun, melanin plays an important role in cancer prevention and health care.

Melanin can absorb most of ultraviolet rays, greatly reduce the transmission of ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB), thus protecting the skin from biological damage caused by ultraviolet and visible light, protecting and alleviating acute or chronic inflammation of the skin caused by sunlight, and preventing sunburn, aging and cancer caused by sunlight.

Caucasians are prone to sunburn, while long-term sunburn is prone to skin cancer, including basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma, while black people rarely have skin cancer. In addition, melanin can also protect folic acid and similar important substances from light decomposition.

Therefore, natural black skin is not a bad thing, so don’t deliberately pursue whitening.

People should deal with the acquired dark skin correctly.

Ultraviolet is the most important factor to promote melanocyte division and accelerate melanin synthesis. Therefore, shading and sunscreen are the most important measures to reduce melanin formation.

Method 1: do enough sunscreen

Ultraviolet rays are the number one enemy of whitening. Even girls with snow like skin will become Africans after being exposed to the sun, not to mention those born with dark skin, which will undoubtedly add insult to injury. To do enough sunscreen is not only in summer. Ultraviolet rays exist all year round. To do enough sunscreen, you must be prepared to fight a long battle. Sunscreen, sunshade and so on are all necessary tools for sunscreen.

Method 2: facial mask whitening

Facial mask can be said to be the favorite of beauty loving mm. After a hard day’s work, the facial mask will immediately regain vitality, but this is not your main purpose. Whitening is the key. Among them, whitening facial mask is one of the effective channels. Red wine facial mask and milk facial mask are the “best” in whitening facial mask. If you persist in applying them 2-3 times a week, you will have unexpected results.

Method 3: diet whitening

The acquired food has a great impact on the skin. Eating more vegetables and fruits, especially foods containing vitamin C, is good for whitening the skin, such as tomatoes, strawberries, monkey peaches, almonds and so on. Vitamine C is a magical thing, with first-class whitening effect, it can also protect the skin against ultraviolet rays, repair after sunburn, and freckle removal. If you eat it regularly, it contains:

Method 4: develop healthy living habits

A good body can’t do without exercise, and a good face can’t do without maintenance. Keeping a car and a healthy lifestyle are the premise of your skin maintenance. Adequate sleep time, healthy food intake, and regular work and rest are all effective ways to change your natural dark skin.

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