What is the best way for boys to whiten their faces? What is the best way for boys to whiten their skin

1. What’s a good way for boys to wash their faces

Clean your face with warm water every night, then gently rub it with fine salt for several minutes, and finally wash it with clean water. If you persist for a long time, you can narrow pores and make your skin smooth and delicate. Many boys ignore the most important skin maintenance problem. Good skin will make people look much better. If you have oily skin, you first need to choose a facial cleanser that can exfoliate, and never choose a facial cleanser with a lot of foam. If you have dry skin, you need to choose a moisturizing facial cleanser, preferably a plant-based herbal cleanser, which is less irritating. If you have mixed skin, you need to wash facial cleanser three times a week, and cooperate with toner to achieve the best effect.

2. Misunderstanding of men washing their faces

Myth 1: skin tightness after washing with foam facial cleanser will lead to loss of nutrition. Many people will mistakenly believe that the tightness after washing is caused by the fact that facial cleanser removes sebum and natural moisturizer contained in horniness to keep moisture. Little do you know that every time you wash your face, it is an important moisturizing link. Delicate foam can penetrate into pores and wash skin stains. If it is a foam facial cleanser rich in nourishing ingredients, it can also make the nourishing ingredients enter the pores smoothly. Foam free facial cleanser should be combined with foam type facial cleanser, otherwise it will not be able to clean thoroughly, causing oil accumulation and skin problems.

Myth 2: the more facial cleanser functions, the more expensive it is, the better the beauty effect

The purpose of facial cleanser is to clean the skin. If there are too many functional ingredients, the skin will not be cleaned thoroughly. At the same time, too many functional ingredients will enter the pores without any protection of the skin, which will cause a burden to the skin. Therefore, facial cleanser needs to meet two basic conditions: clean thoroughly and moisturize the skin.

3. Choose the right Cleanser

Oil control, “oil leakage” is a problem faced by more than one-third of men. Men’s oil secretion is fast, and excessive oil secretion will lead to pore blockage, acne, acne and so on. Oil control is the first task of men’s skin care. Therefore, oil control ability is the first choice for men to choose facial cleansers.

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