Five characteristics: bad women are the most attractive

The most exciting news in the media these days is that Andy Lau has finally admitted his long-standing love affair and told everyone that he got married last year and has successfully completed his underground relationship.

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A female friend I know mentioned this, but she was very sad. She had the same fate of long-distance love, but her long-term love ended in breaking up.

At the age of 30, she was very helpless: “I was obedient to him and worked hard, but he finally said ‘I don’t feel it’ and turned away.”

“What’s more annoying is that someone told me that he liked a woman, and that woman ignored him, but he seemed to be chasing each other in a magical land. How outrageous!” Her tone drew a big exclamation mark!

Over the years, whenever and wherever her boyfriend talked on the phone, women would put down what they were doing and run to him. When I went shopping, I bought men’s clothes in my handbag. Her explanation was: “I can’t help it. Who told me to be full of him!” What’s more, because her boyfriend often travels on business, she also takes care of his parents and family.

She did her best to pay, but in return for the other party’s lack of gratitude and treasure, the deep sense of loss in her heart can be imagined:

“Why doesn’t he want me to treat him so well?”

Well, the problem probably lies in the word “good”.

Emotionally, men are hunters by nature. They like the excitement and excitement brought by the chase competition. Therefore, when a woman is too “good” to him, most men will find it dull and lose interest.

A 35 year old woman once told me that she had talked about several boyfriends, but no one ever asked her to marry her. In order to attract more men’s attention, she wore sexy clothes with low breasts. Moreover, as long as men asked, she was willing to release her Luo shirt and give her own, and the speed was getting faster and faster. However, doing so only led to the speed at which men left her.

Let’s review the excitement formula of emotion together: excitement = attraction + resistance. You should be able to understand the truth. Easily obtained emotions often make people “feel no longer”.

Compared with good women who are submissive and compromise, new varieties of “bad women” are indeed more popular.

However, don’t get me wrong. It’s not for women with evil thoughts to start waving flags and shouting, and no one wants you to start playing tricks and scheming to play with other people’s feelings. The new breed of “bad women” refers to intelligent women who know how to value themselves rather than the other side when facing men.

The reason why bad women are “bad” is that they will not obediently obey men. However, just like the new usage of the English word bad, when Americans say “you are bad”, it is also a new kind of praise in the new century.

The new breed of “bad women” will make Hunter like men excited, because they have the following charming characteristics:

(1) Have a deep understanding of themselves: bad women know their own strengths and weaknesses, know where their charm is, and can use it wisely.

(2) Maintain economic and emotional independence: bad women have their own jobs and do not plan to rely on men to help them; Moreover, bad women’s emotions will not be led by men’s behavior. If he doesn’t call, it’s OK. Girl, I’ll find something to do myself and don’t complain to men.

(3) Know how to hint but not take the initiative: bad women will not take the initiative to show love, let alone actively dedicate themselves. Smart bad women know how to use hints to let men take the initiative to pursue.

(4) Attach importance to oneself: a bad woman will not ask a man about his past relationships just when she is OK, or compare herself with his former girlfriend. A bad woman is confident and elegant. What she cares about is how to show her beautiful self.

(5) Happy to be yourself: “good” women are bent on pleasing men and wronging themselves to be the perfect women in his mind; And bad women are doing something, not doing something, and insisting on living their true selves. Only in this way can they have the ability to love men more because they love themselves.

The era of good women has passed. New varieties of bad women are elegant and independent, confident and mysterious. Only in this way can men feel excited and take sweet actions to establish long-term relationships!

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