Love secret: how to make a man propose?

Modern men and women who are not spinning around in heavy work, it is not easy to have a good contact partner, but when they have a good partner, the other side still refuses to speak. What’s going on, what’s wrong, and are there any measures to let a man do what he should do – to propose marriage on his own initiative?

We all know that entering each other’s life circle is definitely a plus. You may not know that when you get along well with his parents and friends, and let him spend less time on this, he will naturally have a higher chance of marrying you. A gender expert pointed out that there is no secret to getting along with the elders, that is, to be sweet and polite. No matter what moment, smile more and greet them warmly, so that you will never be ng. As for his friends, if you take the initiative to participate in their dialogue, they will be happy to let you join.

After the relationship between the two people is stable, it is necessary to set a common economic goal. For example, start to discuss how much percentage of income should be used for saving, how much should be used for investment, and which type of product should be selected for investment.

The clearer the discussion, the clearer the outline of their future. Experts say that it is not common to talk about money in the emotional world. On the contrary, economy is also the foundation of great love. There is no need to feel it difficult to talk about it. The more you understand it, the more solid your love will become.

If you can make him depend on you, I believe he can’t run far even if he wants to. Without you, his bills, utilities and taxes would be a mess. Or, if you don’t organize your family affairs and organize your clothes, the whole person will become unkempt. If you have the ability to make him an idiot in some part of life and let him get used to this part of his mind, congratulations. As long as you strike occasionally, he will be nervous and want to marry you immediately.

In fact, women can give a hint to a man at the right time to remind him not to let you wait any longer. If he is still dragging his feet, use the “man’s motivation to marry” (for example, he is used to you and is afraid of loneliness; for example, he feels that he has two incomes at his disposal; for example, he has a sense of responsibility for you…) to stimulate him, try his reaction, and see if he sees you as a future marriage partner, If the answer is no, it’s better to go and stop wasting time on this “passer-by a”.

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