look out! Top 10 love laws that will deceive you most

The complicated and confusing nature of love always makes people unable to see through. There are always people who are eager to see through love. On the way to wait, don’t be deceived by certain love laws.

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Top1: there is always the best person for me in the world.

Wrong! Cherish the people in front of you

In theory, but the world is so big that you and he may not be able to touch it; The world is so big, even if he meets her, he may already have another one to accompany him; The world is so changeable, even if you fall in love with each other, you may not be able to come together.

Therefore, when you meet someone worthy of your treasure, you should treasure it well. Don’t always wait for the perfect person in the distance. He is the moon and he is the star. You can dream about it without falling in love.

top2 likes it and doesn’t care about my appearance.

Wrong! Men like beauty

Although men will say that what they care most about is the temperament and character of girls, it is mostly used to show taste.

Men are visual animals. They love only when their eyes love them. A well dressed and beautiful girl gives them the urge to communicate urgently. Even if they communicate for a long time, they also hope that she can maintain her eye-catching appearance, which makes them look good and happy when they see her; Second, it can also be taken out and won the envy of others. The so-called woman’s appearance to please herself is actually to beautify the man’s face.

top3 tolerance can reflect my kindness to him

Wrong! Don’t be underestimated by him.

Tolerance is a virtue in getting along. No matter how good a person is, there are also defects that need tolerance and compromise. However, tolerance without a bottom line will only spoil the person you like, fuel his arrogance, and eventually become self-centered and arrogant.

You can accept his shortcomings, but you should also remind him of what needs to be improved, let him know the limit of your tolerance, and work hard to improve himself. If you connive at him and think that loving him is ignoring his bad habits, he will surely advance by an inch, look down on you, don’t care about you, and even treat your ideas as transparent!

TOP4 boredom is proof of love death

Wrong! Relationship rebirth

Every love will move from passion to blandness. At the beginning, the electric excitement and infatuation gradually become mild and calm, less impulsive, and start to perceive the shortcomings of people in your heart. You will also be upset about losing freshness. Sometimes I ask myself: are these signs of not loving him?

In fact, boredom, burnout and exclusion are all normal emotions in the quiet period of love. They are not only the necessary process for emotions to fall back from the climax, but also a sign that the relationship between the two sides is moving towards consolidation and stability. There is no freshness, but there is tacit understanding; Less impulsive, but more down-to-earth; See the shortcomings, but also start to understand the real other. Getting along peacefully and pragmatically can test the purity of the feelings of both sides, and it is the rebirth of love.

top5 willful, he always wants to spoil me.

Wrong! He is most afraid of trouble.

Being coquettish, coquettish and playful is a favorite Assassin’s mace for girls when they are in love. When they get along with each other in a flat and stable way, many girls will find it boring and boring. They are also worried that people around them will not love them as much as they did at the beginning, so they force him to say sweet words, watch him express his heart nervously, and secretly enjoy his true feelings.

Small fights can certainly add flavor to indifferent relationships, but once they go beyond the psychological endurance of boys, it will be a big deal! If willfulness becomes a habit, it will only make him feel that you are not sensible and will not take care of and understand his feelings. Over time, small interests have become a big burden. A man likes stability and hates trouble. If you always make him uneasy, he will find another quiet world sooner or later.

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