We should find the secret recipe in whitening and flawless life. We should find the secret recipe in whitening and flawless life

As the saying goes, “one beauty covers a hundred uglies”. I believe that few JMS users do not want their skin to be white, rosy, beautiful and spotless. I have read many whitening posts of sisters on the forum these days, and I have collected several good methods here, almost all of which have been proven in practice. JMS users can choose several to try according to their own situation. I believe you will have smooth and delicate skin soon!!

1、 Tomato juice drink a glass of tomato juice every day or eat tomatoes often. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins, malic acid, citric acid and other ingredients. The main nutrition of tomatoes is vitamins. Among them, lycopene, one of the most important and abundant carotenoids, is said to remove free radicals and keep skin delicate. Those vitamins can reduce the formation of melanin and can treat freckles well. I saw this method from a magazine at first, and I tried it for more than a month, and the effect is really good. Sisters, go back and try.

2、 Barley leaf green juice is to squeeze the tender barley seedlings into juice or make them into powder and drink them. I have been using this method now, because I heard from my colleagues at that time that what fiber contained in green juice can detoxify and clear the intestines, so as to reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body. If there is no poison in the body, your face will naturally be ruddy. What other enzymes can resist oxidation and prevent skin aging and loss of elasticity? Now I feel that my allergy and acne symptoms have also improved. Maybe it is also because I drink green juice? But I don’t know how it works.

It is said that this can also be used to lose weight. My body has not been very fat. On the contrary, I am still a little thin. I don’t exercise or eat anything. I often drink a cup in a hurry. Is it hard to drink? If that’s the case, it’s really easy to lose weight! I used to squeeze juice myself, but now I’m too busy to buy ready-made ones. I personally like knd because it is cheap. Do you have any other brands? Sisters who know must come up to chat.

3、 Red jujube egg tea take dozens of red jujubes, an egg, and an appropriate amount of brown sugar. Put the red dates in a container, add about 500ml of water, cook for three minutes, then beat in the eggs, stew for two minutes, and then add an appropriate amount of brown sugar. This method was used by students in college. I remember that her skin was always dark yellow in the past. Later, at the classmate’s party, her skin was relatively white. I can’t stand everyone’s rubbing and rubbing, so I opened my lips and told us. It is said that this tea can not only whiten but also replenish blood. But it seems to be very troublesome. I went back to try, because I always have a fast pace of life, I really don’t have much time to work. So after a few times, I switched back to the original Chongqing juice.

4、 Four grams of dried peach blossom tea, five grams of green tea, brewed in boiling water. It is said that it can improve facial dark spots, age spots and so on. This method seems to be very simple, but it’s a little troublesome to dry peach blossoms by yourself, and there are restrictions on the use of this method. It is said that pregnant women and those with excessive menstruation should avoid taking it.

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