How to practice basic skills when dancing square dance

1. How to practice basic skills when dancing square dance

1.1 station

An expert will know if you have it as soon as you make a move. If you don’t have solid basic skills, you don’t need to make a move. A discerning person who goes there will know that you are out of the game long ago!

“Standing” is not good, don’t talk about other basic skills and movements, so standing is the first element!

Improvement methods: open feet, straighten knees, wrap hips, erect waist, erect back, spread shoulders, establish projects, sink Qi and pull out head.

1.2 erection

Standing is the extension of standing. In the process of standing, while retaining all the essentials of standing, it is also necessary to stabilize the center of gravity of the body.

If you stand well, your posture is accurate, your feet are stable, your rotation is stable, and your dance steps are light

Improvement method: half toe of the handle, half toe of the single foot; Put the lower half of the toe, one foot and half of the toe.

1.3. Straight

“Straight” mainly refers to the straight legs and back, which include the straight instep and knee joints.

“Straight” is well practiced, with beautiful lines, straight but not stiff

Improvement method: all the movements of the stick should be consistent with the requirement of “straightness”. The “straightness” of the leg can be realized only when the back of the foot is pressed to the minimum and the knee bone is stretched to the depression. If the back is straight, it means covering the hip, standing the hip, standing the waist, standing the back, establishing a project, sinking Qi, and pulling out the top of the head.

2. Methods of practicing square dance

2.1. Practice dancing with your ears

Listen to the melody and feel the music. You can take the dance music with you to feel the music. By repeatedly familiarizing yourself with the dance music, memorizing the tune, and interpreting the music with your own body language, you can have your own understanding only by listening more.

2.2. Recalling dance practice

After newly learning dance, make full use of your time and recall every move you have learned in your mind. Only by memorizing the new movements can we find the feeling of each movement.

2.3 dance with eyes

Watch more videos of yourself dancing, compare the dance movements of professional teachers, and pay attention to the details. See how you can improve and improve your actions if you don’t do them well.

2.4 practice dancing with your mouth

Talk to the dance teacher and dance friends, and learn from others’ strong points to achieve the effect of understanding by analogy.

3. How to protect joints in square dancing

3.1. Protect cervical vertebrae and do less head bending

Be careful to turn your head slowly to prevent syncope; At the same time, do less head bending movements to reduce the pressure on the neck.

3.2. Protect lumbar intervertebral disc and bend forward less

In order to prevent lumbar disc herniation, it is necessary to avoid bending the waist frequently. When dancing, properly control the bending of the waist, especially when bending forward, control the speed and strength range, or don’t do it at all.

3.3. Pay attention to warming up and keeping warm for knee protection

When doing knee bending, the knee joint is the most vulnerable, and the angle of left and right rotation of the knee joint is small, so when bending, people turn sideways, increasing the weight of the tissues in the joint. Warm up before the activity. In addition, most bone and joint diseases are closely related to catching cold. Before dancing, pay attention to the prevention of cold and warmth in the above joint parts.

3.4. Shoulder joint, slowly lift the arm

In the process of arm lifting, the rotator cuff above the joint is pressed below the acromion, and repeated friction may lead to inflammatory reactions and pain. It is recommended to lift your arms slowly; Avoid rotating the arm over the shoulder, because it is easy to cause acromion impact and rotator cuff damage.

Advantages of square dancing

1. Bodybuilding

The practice of square dance is to concentrate on dancing in the beautiful music melody, inject delicate passion into the dance posture, and show your skills with beautiful dance posture, create various beautiful postures and shapes, and achieve the artistic conception of combining sports with art, health and beauty. Square dance practice has high requirements on form, posture, health and so on. Regularly joining rehearsal is a good physical exercise to improve the coordination ability of the human body, Invigorating the muscle groups of all parts of the body and increasing the bone density of bones have a very positive effect on bodybuilding.

2. Strengthen one’s mind

From the perspective of psychology, people’s attention is a hint of psychology. In the process of dancing, their attention must be concentrated on beautiful music, and the beauty and passion will be expressed in the dance posture along the rhythm. Because the transfer of attention can adjust and rest the functions of other parts of the body, eliminate troubles and purify the mind, so as to achieve the best psychological condition.

3. Brain strengthening

Memory will gradually fade with the growth of age. In the process of rehearsal, people’s attention will be focused on hearing memory and dance posture memory. Through rehearsal and continuous stimulation of brain nerves, the psychological phenomenon of memory loss can be alleviated to achieve brilliant brain health effects.

What should we pay attention to when dancing square dance

1. Square dancing on an empty stomach may lead to hypoglycemia and even syncope.

2. If you want to play music for square dance exercise, you should also consider other people’s feelings, do not affect others’ sleep, and try to arrange it after 7:00 or before 22:00.

3. The time for square dancing should be reasonably arranged. It is incorrect for some people not to eat in order to dance square dancing. It is also undesirable to dance square dancing late at night. The former can easily cause people to lose consciousness due to hypoglycemia. The latter will not only affect their own sleep but also affect the sleep of surrounding residents, and dancing in crowded squares may also be harmful to their health.

4. We should also pay attention to the wearing of square dancing. Many people will wear hard soled shoes, slippers and tight clothes. Such incorrect wearing is not conducive to their health. Because the dance movement range of square dance is relatively large, it is better to wear comfortable and non slip shoes.

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