How to take the elevator to be the most comfortable and safe?

With the rise of high-rise buildings in cities, high-speed elevators are becoming more and more popular. I often hear people say that taking a high-speed elevator will make me dizzy and nauseous. So, how can I take a high-speed elevator to be the most comfortable and safe?

The lifting speed of passenger elevators is usually about 1 meter per second, and the speed of high-speed elevators is faster than 1.9 meters per second. As the elevators rise or fall, passengers will bear a large pressure difference in a very short time, so they will feel uncomfortable in their eardrums, and even lose their hearing instantaneously. People with high blood pressure and heart diseases will also feel dizzy and dizzy. At this time, open your mouth, massage ear roots, chews gum and even empty mouth chewing can adjust the adaptability of the eardrum to changes in external air pressure and relieve the eardrum pressure

in addition, when taking the elevator at ordinary times, there are some matters that need special attention: if the power supply is interrupted due to sudden reasons, resulting in passengers being trapped in the car, which is because the car often stops at a non flat position, passengers must not be nervous. They should notify the elevator maintenance personnel to come to the rescue through the alarm device in the car or other feasible methods. Never try to open the car door or open the safety window on the car roof to escape.

Before taking the elevator, passengers should see whether the elevator car stops at this floor, and should not step in blindly to prevent the car from falling into the hoistway when the landing door is open and the car is not at this floor.

If the landing door is still closed after pressing the elevator button, you should wait patiently, do not try to open the door lock, and do not play in front of the landing door to break it.

Don’t be too slow when getting in and out of the elevator, and don’t step on the floor and the car for a long time.

On a strong thunderstorm day, it is better not to take the elevator without emergency, because the elevator machine room is usually located at the highest place on the roof. If the lightning protection device fails, it is easy to attract lightning.

in addition, if a high-rise building has a fire disaster, you must not take the elevator downstairs people who carry flammable and explosive substances such as gas, oil, alcohol and firecrackers should not take the elevator to go upstairs or downstairs.

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