Don’t forget four things when you get up in the morning

the first active limb

After opening your eyes in the morning, first lie on the bed and exercise your limbs, and then slowly get up after three or five minutes. This good habit can not only avoid blood pressure fluctuations, dizziness and other phenomena caused by getting up suddenly, but also make you wake up quickly from a confused state.

Three methods of moving limbs are recommended: bending and straightening the legs; Hold your knees with both hands for 10 seconds in your chest; Keep your hands straight back as far as possible.

the second thing is to get up and defecate in the morning

Once this good habit is formed, it will benefit you for life. People who haven’t had this habit can cultivate it intentionally. For example, eat more high fiber foods such as cabbage and coarse grain. After getting up early, no matter whether you feel like defecating or not, you should squat in the toilet. Over time, the habit will be formed.

you must brush your teeth well the third morning.

Even if you brush your teeth before going to bed, the oral environment at night is constant, which is most suitable for bacterial reproduction and growth, produces breath, and is harmful to oral health. Therefore, you must brush your teeth well in the morning, at least for 2 minutes.

get up the fourth morning and drink a glass of boiled water

A cup of boiled water in the morning can supplement the water lost in the body’s metabolism, promote excretion, and prevent constipation. Moreover, it can dilute blood, promote blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which is especially important for the middle-aged and old people. You can also replace boiled water with light salt water.

Experts suggest: after getting up, you’d better defecate first, brush your teeth and wash your face, then drink a glass of boiled water on an empty stomach, and finally eat. However, according to individual constitution and habits, the time of defecation may be different, so it is not necessary to be too demanding.

However, it is better to brush off the residual tartar and the breeding bacteria on the teeth before drinking water and eating, which is more conducive to health. After eating, rinse your mouth with clean water.

What if I have no appetite in the morning

First of all, I need to analyze when I got up in the morning and whether I had enough sleep the night before. Generally speaking, if you don’t get enough sleep, are very sleepy in the morning, are forced to get up by the alarm, or stay up late until after 10 o’clock, you are unlikely to have a normal appetite. The solution to this situation is not to stay up late and go to bed in advance, so that you can be more energetic in the morning and get up half an hour earlier. In this way, the stomach and intestines will naturally have the desire to eat.

Second, consider that if you don’t eat breakfast for a long time in the morning, your gastrointestinal tract doesn’t have the habit of secreting digestive juice at this time. At this time, it is not necessary to force people to eat a large amount of food, but should be gradual. Start with drinking water and eating liquid food, such as drinking a small bowl of porridge, eating a small bowl of noodle soup, drinking yogurt, soy milk, etc., and slowly cultivate the gastrointestinal interest in food in the morning. As long as you persist for a period of time, the gastrointestinal tract will know that food will come in at this time, so you can gradually develop the habit of secreting digestive juice regularly, and your appetite will gradually become strong. You can increase your appetite until it is normal.

Finally, the quality of breakfast is very important. There are starch staple foods, foods rich in high-quality protein, vegetables and fruits, which are comfortable to eat. This is a complete breakfast. It’s easy to eat high-quality protein foods for breakfast, such as eggs, soy milk, milk, cooked meat, tofu, etc. It’s not difficult to eat vegetables for breakfast. For example, it’s easy to eat steamed buns filled with fennel and eggs, soup noodles with a handful of green vegetables in the bowl, kelp soup with tomatoes in the bowl, or two steamed pumpkins. If you can add a spoonful of nuts, it will be more perfect.

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