Take care of seven vulnerable parts of women

To sum up, there are seven major parts of a woman’s body that are very fragile. They need your careful care to meet the most sensitive days and often prevent many minor illnesses and pains.

1. Hair

If a woman colors her hair more than 12 times a year, her probability of lymphoma is 26% higher than that of a woman who never colors her hair. Don’t dye your hair more than twice a year. You must have a skin test before dyeing your hair.

How do I maintain my hair?

Correct hair combing: before washing your hair every time, you’d better spend some time combing your hair first, and then untie the knotted part. The motivation for combing your hair is to comb the dirt on your scalp and hair first.

The correct shampoo and conditioner can provide nutrients to the injured hair and rejuvenate the hair from inside to outside. When washing your hair, you should pay attention to the scalp and hair root, because these two places are related to the health of your hair! By pressing the scalp with your fingers, you can increase the health of the scalp, blood circulation, and of course, the health of your hair. Then the hair tail must be carefully cleaned to make the hair tail absorb nutrition.

Care after washing: after washing your hair, dry your wet hair with a towel first, and then pay attention to this. Never pick up the hair dryer and blow it straight away. Be sure to squeeze the water dry with a towel by gentle pressing before drying with a hair dryer.

When blowing, try to shorten the use time, and it is better to take away the distance from the hair dryer, because the hair dryer is one of the reasons for hurting hair quality.

For the care of serious hair quality, if your hair is seriously damaged due to disorderly perm and dyeing, you can apply a hair conditioner that can prevent bifurcation or replenish moisture and oil on the surface of your hair to strengthen the health of your hair.

2. Eyes

Puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, menopause… The “vision crisis” almost runs through a woman’s life. At these stages, women should take more B vitamins.

How should eyes be maintained?

There are many ways to maintain your eyes. Now I will teach you some very good ways to make your eyes more charming and beautiful.

1) Don’t take your eyes off. Pay attention to the frequent and complete blinking movements. Regular blinking can reduce the exposure time of the eyes to the air and avoid the evaporation of tears.

2) Do not blow the air conditioner for too long, avoid airflow on the seat, and place tea near the seat to increase the surrounding humidity.

3) Eat more fruits, especially citrus fruits. You should also eat more green vegetables, grain, fish and eggs. Drinking more water will also help to reduce dry eyes.

4) Keep good living habits, get enough sleep and don’t stay up late.

5) Avoid continuous operation of the computer for a long time, and pay attention to the rest in the middle. Usually, the computer is operated continuously for 1 hour, and the rest is 5-10 minutes. You can look at the distance or do eye exercises during rest.

6) Keep good working posture. Keep the most appropriate posture, make both eyes look flat or slightly look down at the fluorescent screen, so that the neck muscles can be relaxed and the area of the eyeballs exposed to the air can be reduced to the minimum.

7) Adjust the distance and position of the fluorescent screen. The recommended distance is 50-70cm, and the fluorescent screen should be slightly 10-20cm lower than the eye level, with a downward viewing angle of 15-20 degrees. Because angle and distance can reduce the need for refraction and reduce the probability of eye fatigue.

If you have less tears and dry eyes, it is not suitable to use contact lenses in front of the computer. You should wear frame glasses. For those who wear contact lenses in front of the computer, it is also better to use varieties with high oxygen permeability.

3. Nose

Researchers said that because the blood composition of women changes during menstruation, their immunity is relatively poor and their respiratory tract is more susceptible to infection. During this period, keep away from heavily polluted places, or from excessively cold and overheated environments. In autumn and winter, nose maintenance is particularly important.

How should nose be maintained?

The nose is a multifunctional regulator, which purifies, regulates and moistens the inhaled air. Once the human body’s resistance drops, pathogenic bacteria gathered in the nasal cavity will make waves and cause nasal mucosal lesions. If bacteria invade the throat, trachea and lungs through the nasal cavity, they can cause laryngitis, tracheitis and pneumonia. Therefore, we should understand the knowledge and methods of nose health care, especially in the winter when respiratory diseases are prone to occur.

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