Do you know the most vulnerable place in you?

The difference between men and women is not only in gender. Physically, women have at least six weaknesses. For women who want to stay healthy, these places are worth paying attention to.

immune system

Women’s control over the autoimmune system is beyond men’s reach. They will live longer than men who look strong, which is one of the evidences. However, they are more likely than men to suffer from immune system diseases that are difficult to be treated by modern medicine, such as lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Cardiac system

The age at which women first suffer from heart disease is 10 years later than men, but once women suffer from heart disease, especially cardiovascular heart disease, it is often fatal. Because this is a menopausal phenomenon after estrogen “gives up”. Women’s blood vessels lose the protection of hormones and harden, and the liver loses the protection of hormones and produces more cholesterol, which increases the severity of women’s cardiovascular diseases.

Motion system

Compared with men, women are more prone to knee ligament injury, and it is also more difficult to recover from the injury than men. Doctors analyzed that this may be related to their naturally broad hips, which make the knee joint bear more force.

nervous system

Women are more likely to suffer from depression than men. This is because the brains of men and women respond differently to hormones and brain chemicals, and the serotonin produced in women’s bodies is more sensitive and intense to changes in its concentration. In addition, once entering menopause, without estrogen replacement therapy, women are more likely to develop dementia than men of the same age.

digestive system

Even if men and women eat the same food, women need to spend more time digesting it. Therefore, women are three times and two times more likely to suffer from chronic constipation and intestinal diseases than men, respectively. Preliminary studies show that this may be related to the difference in chemical composition between women’s saliva and men’s.

Skeletal system

There are more women than men with severe skeletal atrophy in their later years. After menopause, due to osteoporosis, women’s bones will become less compact and full of holes.

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