How to whiten quickly? How to whiten quickly

In summer, the sun is so big that it is inevitable to be tanned. What people can do is to reduce the degree of being tanned as much as possible, and then use some methods to whiten the tanned skin. How can we whiten the skin after summer exposure?

1. Do not wash your face with hot water after sunburn

Avoid washing your face with hot water after sunburn, because your skin is fragile after sunburn. Washing your face with hot water will dilate and congest your skin’s capillaries, and cause erythema or sunburn. In order to avoid this situation, wash your face with cool water while waiting for the skin to be at normal temperature.

2. Vitamin supplement

Supplement of vitamins A, C and E can not only regulate human performance and improve immunity, but also improve skin tissue and inhibit pigmentation. Therefore, eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins.

3. Drink plenty of water

In fact, the most simple and convenient way to whiten is to drink more water. Many people may think that drinking water does not have much effect on whitening. However, to whiten, we should pay attention to the supplement of water. Moderate supplement of water to cells can take away the old wastes in the body.

4. Use moisturizing spray

The skin loses a lot of moisture after being exposed to the sun. Keeping the skin hydrated at all times is the first condition for whitening the whole body. At this time, it is best to use a moisturizing spray, which has a small molecular weight and can penetrate directly through the skin into the subcutaneous skin, and is often sprayed on the face.

5. Apply facial mask to replenish water

After being exposed to the sun, the skin will be in a state of water shortage. At this time, it is very important to strengthen water replenishment. You can use a moisturizing facial mask to apply it to your face, which can lower the temperature of the skin surface, calm and soothe your skin, keep your skin moist, restore the elasticity of your skin after being exposed to the sun, and make your skin white and smooth.

6. Aged horniness should be cleaned regularly

Sun exposure will cause the fusion of melanin and old horniness. If you want to whiten quickly, you must first remove these old horniness. After sunburn, the skin is very fragile, and even gentle exfoliation will make the skin “worse”. You can relax and calm your skin first, and then consider exfoliating care a week later.

7. Get enough sleep

If you want to whiten quickly after sunburn, try to sleep before 11 p.m. Having enough sleep is the best protection for the skin. Enough sleep can effectively relieve the pressure of life. Listening to more music every day is also a good helper for whitening. Less smoking, less drinking and less contact with irritating drinks can keep the skin soft and glossy.

8. Sunscreen should continue

It is best not to make up after the skin is damaged by exposure to the sun. On the one hand, it is necessary to prevent the aggravation of pigment deposition, and on the other hand, it is necessary to avoid more serious damage to the skin during the process of removing makeup. When you go out, you should use straw hats, umbrellas, sunglasses, etc. you can also use some sunscreen.

In addition, when the skin is exposed to the sun, it is also a good way to use some vegetables and fruits as coolant. For example, use the juice extruded from cucumber to dip it in cotton and smear it on the skin. The moisture of cucumbers can remove the heat of the skin, and have a more refreshing feeling, as well as the effect of making the skin healthy. In fact, there are many similar vegetables and fruits in life, the most commonly used ones are tomatoes, lettuce, squash, carrots, winter melons, pineapples, lemons, cherries, strawberries and so on. When used, the juice is taken and smeared on the skin, which can still cool and beautify the skin.

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