How to effectively whiten? How to effectively whiten

The weather is getting warmer and warmer. Many beauties like to go out to play, but often walking outside will inevitably lead to skin sunburn. After exposure, the skin is extremely fragile and needs special care to recover as soon as possible. So, what are the precautions for skin exposure? How can we effectively whiten after sunburn?

1. The fastest cycle of whitening is one month

We must abide by the physiological mechanism of the skin. Keratinocytes are renewed every 28 days (some of the blackened keratinocytes are metabolized), so it takes at least a month to see some effects if we want to whiten.

2. If you want instant whitening, use foundation make-up

Using a foundation make-up that is one color darker than your skin can whiten your skin quickly, but this is also temporary. If you want to really whiten, you need to rely on skin care measures.

3. If you don’t do a good job in whitening and sunscreen, you will certainly break your skill

What should the skin notice after sunburn?

Sunscreen is just like armor worn in battle for whitening. It can protect the skin and reduce the possibility of sunburn. If the sun is not well protected, the skin will be too sunburned, which will also affect the speed of whitening after sunburn. What needs special attention is that if you misuse makeup and maintenance products after sunburn, it is likely to rapidly develop into contact dermatitis. Some sunburned people feel that their faces are burning, and without knowing it, they beat the lotion desperately to calm their skin; Some people are afraid to get in the sun again, but obediently apply sunscreen; Of course, some people think that their skin has been sunburned, and they think that basic maintenance can not be ignored. However, in this way, the injured skin will be more stinging, and it may also present an inflammatory reaction similar to burning.

1. Be sure to stop exfoliating:

It is thought that the skin after sunburn is very fragile, and even gentle exfoliation will make the skin “worse”. You can relax and calm your skin first, and then consider exfoliating care a week later.

2. Proper use of some green tea water can slow down slight sunburn:

After light sunlight, if there is erythema, burning and other phenomena, you can cold compress with concentrated green tea water for 1 hour. Fresh green tea contains rich tea polyphenols and can resist ultraviolet damage. However, it is best to use the new tea of that year, cool it after brewing with boiling water, soak it in facial mask paper or clean towel, and then apply it to the face. After that, maintain it according to daily procedures.

3. Try to choose sunscreens that can lock zinc oxide:

The skin after sunburn is fragile and sensitive. It is recommended to use physical sunscreens. At present, sunscreens containing zinc oxide are commonly used. They can protect UVA and UVB at the same time, and they are not irritating to the skin, so there is almost no allergy. It’s also easy to remove makeup. It’s OK to use olive oil. Gently wipe your face with a cotton swab dipped in olive oil. Finally, wipe off the olive oil with a paper towel.

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