Playing with a mobile phone in this posture will lead to an incurable disease

Do you open your mobile phone correctly? Be careful of the injury that can never be cured!

Aunt Tu Hao told me a tragic story. Her whole family went to Hong Kong for a marathon not long ago. After returning home, she sat on the sofa and enjoyed the photos and videos sent by her children to the iPad. In the video, the aunt saw a hunchback and crooked neck aunt running. At first, she was very puzzled: why shoot her? Then I was shocked: how can this coat look like mine!

My aunt was stunned! Although she is already 50 years old, she is still a 23-year-old girl in her heart. She often exercises, is full of energy, and stands straighter than a model. The image of herself in her heart is by no means the aunt on the screen

if you look at your mobile phone in this posture, you will never recover.

My aunt used to be a tailor. Because she sat in front of the sewing machine with her head down all the year round, her shoulders and back often felt stiff and even slightly painful. For this reason, she went to see a doctor, who gave her massage treatment and taught her some exercises to strengthen her neck and back.

When my aunt stood, sat and walked, she also deliberately tucked in her jaw and opened her shoulders. Therefore, she always feels that her body is very beautiful. But the camera won’t lie – the neck is at a 45 degree angle to the ground, the chin is protruding, and the back is hunched

She asked a well-known local orthopedic expert for examination, and finally learned that she had kyphosis (commonly known as hunchback) and neck extension symptoms.

What is a hunchback? It is well known that the back of humans has a certain curvature, but if the angle exceeds 45 degrees, it belongs to the sick range.

Under normal circumstances, the spine will deform with age, but osteoporosis, arthritis or long-term incorrect posture will also cause damage.

The lifestyle of modern people is very static. White collar workers sit at their desks or computers in the same posture for a long time. Incorrect sitting posture is easy to cause hunchbacks.

Cervical protrusion is mainly due to the popularity of mobile phones and tablets.

The method to judge whether you are normal is very simple: take a side photo, find your acromioclavicular joint (the most prominent part of the shoulder bone), and see whether the earlobe is located on its vertical line. If the earlobe is leaning forward, then unfortunately, you already have neck extension symptoms.

This is also known as “short message neck” or “mobile phone neck”. The reason why most people hunchback is to play with their mobile phones for a long time.

According to a global survey in 2014, Chinese people watch the screen for an average of 8 hours a day, ranking third in the world. Among them, the time to watch mobile phones and tablets is nearly 240 minutes (4 hours).

In the same year, Dr. Kenneth Hansraj, an authority in spine surgery and rehabilitation medicine in New York, United States, expressed his opinion that cervical protrusion caused by playing mobile phones has become an “epidemic” and will bring permanent spinal injury.

Its research found that the weight of the human head is usually between 4.5 and 5.5 kilograms, but as soon as the head is lowered, the pressure on the neck will surge. If the head lowering range is less than 60 degrees, the pressure is about 12 kg; If the head lowering range exceeds 60 degrees, the pressure may be as high as more than 27 kilograms!

How powerful is this? In other words, every time you look down at your mobile phone, you are riding a 2-year-old child around your neck.

The situation of using iPad and other tablet computers is more serious, because most of the time, people can only look down at the screen.

The additional pressure brought by lowering the head will lead to premature aging of the upper part of the spine, hunchback and osteoporosis. In severe cases, it may affect vision, respiration and even cardiopulmonary function.

It can be cured, but it can never be cured.

The ancients said that people can’t bend their heads easily, but they are so far sighted.

you may not know the possible harm caused by playing mobile phones.

In addition to the legendary carcinogens, sleep disruptions, distractions, and long necks and hunches, playing too much mobile phones also hides the following hazards——

tooth injury

Do you know that fiddling with smart phones often damages teeth?

According to the research of Tel Aviv University in Israel, the electromagnetic wave brought by mobile phones will weaken the protection of saliva in the mouth against teeth, making teeth easy to decay.

Otolaryngologists compared the saliva samples of users who often play mobile phones with those of deaf people. They found that every hour of playing mobile phones significantly reduced the amount of saliva secreted, and the content of albumin and amylase in the saliva secreted was lower. Albumin can prevent tooth decay, while amylase can kill harmful bacteria in the mouth.

If you are pinching your teeth, you should touch your mobile phone less. A study in June last year showed that the electromagnetic field of mobile phones would dissolve the nickel element in the dental band into saliva, which might be harmful to human beings.

skin injury

A study in the Journal of Dermatology found that playing mobile phones for too long can make people’s faces dirty and even cause allergies to the face, ears and chest. Especially for those who use metal mobile phones, the risk is higher. Wake Forest University in Southern California named it “mobile phone allergic contact dermatitis”.

influence sexual life

A recent survey in the UK shows that 25% of mobile phone users in the UK suffer from back pain, depression and other reasons caused by excessive use of mobile phones, which affect their sexual life.

this simple action can prevent cell phone neck

There is only one way to deal with the neck of mobile phones: prevention. Just remember one principle:

It is better not to play mobile phones than to play mobile phones;

It’s better to play with your head down than with your head up;

It’s better to play with your mobile phone standing than sitting.

Doing this simple action will also help prevent the neck of the mobile phone:

Stand with your hands clasped, put them on the back of your head, and open your elbows backward;

Slowly press back the head, squeeze with both hands, hold for two seconds, and release;

Repeat the above actions for 3 times;

It’s better to do it every hour.

My aunt finally warned me: children, cherish life and stay away from mobile phones. I answered her excitedly: Gu, what you said is very reasonable, but I have a hunchback!

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