What fruit to eat to whiten the skin? What foods to eat? Fruit to whiten the skin

What fruit do you eat to whiten your skin? “Beauty should come out from inside out” is not empty talk. Some common fruits in summer often have a whitening effect that can not be ignored. So what fruit can you eat in summer to whiten?

Tomatoes. The researchers divided the subjects into two groups. One group often ate ketchup, and the other group did not eat ketchup at all. The results showed that those who ate more ketchup had a 33% improvement in the sun resistance of their skin compared with the other group. Scientists from Germany and the Netherlands have further confirmed that if each person eats 40 grams of ketchup every day, the sunburn coefficient will drop by 40%. Researchers said that tomato is rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, which can resist skin aging and effectively fight free radicals that damage skin. It is the “best sunscreen food”. Because lycopene is dissolved in oil, the absorption rate is higher when tomatoes are cooked.

kiwifruit. The fruit acid contained in kiwifruit can inhibit the cohesion of keratinocytes and melanin precipitation, effectively remove or dilute dark spots, and also has a significant effect on improving dry or oily skin tissues. Eating kiwifruit often can improve pore size

Oranges. Citrus fruits contain a lot of vitamin C, which can enhance skin’s resistance to sunlight, inhibit pigmentation, enhance skin elasticity and make skin more shiny. The vitamins B1 and B2 contained therein can promote skin metabolism and blood circulation, leaving skin white, clean and moist. Moreover, oranges are rich in vitamin C and vitamin P, which can enhance the body’s resistance, enhance the elasticity of capillaries, reduce cholesterol, prevent and treat hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

Lemon. The content of alkaline components in lemon is high, especially rich in citric acid, which is beneficial to regulating the metabolism of the body, maintaining the normal balance of body fluid, promoting metabolism, delaying aging and enhancing immunity. Some studies have pointed out that the effective ingredients in lemon can interfere with the synthesis of melanin, shrink pores, whiten spots and remove grease and dirt. In addition to eating and seasoning, you can also use lemon juice to prepare a facial mask and apply it to your face.

Watermelon. On the one hand, watermelon can clear fire and detoxify, which is conducive to the elimination of toxins. On the other hand, it has a lot of moisture, which helps to help skin moisturize, feel more moist, and reduce wrinkles.

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