What foods should women eat for whitening? What foods should women eat for whitening

In everyone’s mind, whitening skin is still very popular, especially for female friends, who have healthy, white and tender skin, which is very popular with male friends. However, many women will have black and dry skin due to natural reasons or improper nursing, which will affect beauty and cause inferiority complex. So how should women whiten their skin? What foods should I eat more? Let’s take a look:

What foods should women eat for whitening?

ternip. We know that white radish is rich in vitamin C, which can whiten the skin, inhibit the formation of melanin in the skin, and inhibit the precipitation of melanin.

Pumpkin. Basically, the vitamins in pumpkin will not be lost due to heating. Pumpkin is also rich in vitamin E and vitamin C, which also have whitening effects. Vitamin E can maintain skin elasticity and prevent skin aging.

Cucumber. Cucumber not only has whitening effect, but also can eliminate sunburn and freckles and alleviate skin allergy symptoms, so it is also the best whitening food.

Winter melon. Wax gourd is a holy beauty product. Whether it is eaten or used as a facial mask, its effect is very good. In addition to these foods, tomatoes, carrots and so on are good food for whitening.

Fruits. There are also many whitening fruits, such as cherries and lemons, apples and grapes, kiwifruit and so on, which are rich in vitamin C. of course, it is better to choose seasonal fruits when choosing fruits. Some out of season fruits often add a lot of hormones or the light intensity is very insufficient. Eating them will cause physical discomfort or disease.

Meat. The whitening meat food mainly includes salmon, which is what we call salmon. This kind of fish is rich in astaxanthin, which has the dual effects of antioxidant and UV resistance, and has a good whitening effect. Therefore, female friends can eat more salmon at ordinary times. Other scaled fish foods can also play a whitening role. The nutritional value of fish meat is very high. It is rich in protein and amino acids, as well as various trace elements required by the body, which can play a whitening role.

What foods should women avoid for whitening?

If female friends want to whiten, they should not eat spicy and irritating food at ordinary times, because spicy food will cause skin


Women’s whitening is inseparable from their usual diet. If their bodies can’t maintain a healthy state, there will be many problems with their natural skin. Therefore, female friends should keep a light diet at ordinary times, and pay attention to a reasonable diet structure, avoid overeating and eating too much fish and meat, do not often eat foods high in fat and oil, and do not eat too much food with high salt. Eating too much salt will lead to aging and dark skin. At ordinary times, you can drink some chicken soup and fish soup in an appropriate amount, and you can also drink some millet porridge, which can maintain and moisturize the skin, and can also play a whitening effect.

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