Can tea wash your face whitening? Can tea wash your face whitening

Whitening skin is what every girl pursues, but how to whiten skin has become a problem. Whitening also needs to master some small skills, and the correct care method can make skin white and healthy. So how should we whiten our skin better? What are the tips?

Tips for skin whitening are as follows:

1、 Wash your face with tea

We wash our faces first, then apply tea to them, and gently pat them with our hands. Then we put the absorbent cotton dipped in tea on our face for two to three minutes, and finally we clean it. Tea has the effect of removing color spots and whitening.

Note: sometimes the color of tea can’t be washed away immediately, but it will disappear naturally after one night.

2、 Essential oil whitening + Whitening Facial Mask

One method with good whitening effect is to soak in an essential oil bath. After we put hot water in the bath, we put a few drops into it. Then the hot gas in the hot water will give off the effect of the essential oil, which not only makes your body whitening, but also makes your body fragrant. This is a way to have the best of both worlds. We can also put a whitening facial mask in the bathtub, and then we can take a bath, so that we can not only whiten, but also make your body white and tender.

3、 Milk bath

We first put hot water in the bathtub, and then put about 1000ml of fresh milk into the water. Stir it evenly, and it has that translucent feeling. When we bathe with milk, we can add a few drops of rose essential oil, and the effect will be better. But if you use milk powder. Then we should first brew the milk powder according to the proportion when we drink it, and then pour it into the bath. Remember to brew the milk powder before pouring it in, so as to avoid caking. We must clean the bathtub in time after the milk bath. We recommend that the soaking time of milk bath be 15 to 20 minutes. Milk fat and vitamins have natural moisturizing effect. He can not only prevent dry skin, but also make skin white, smooth and delicate.

4、 Whole body sunscreen

Most of our girls only apply sunscreen on their faces and necks. Especially in summer, only their faces and necks are white, and then other parts of their bodies will get a lot of tan. So in summer, we should also apply sunscreen to other exposed parts. If we go to work for a long time, or those who stay outdoors, we must take umbrellas and sunscreen clothes with us. This can reduce the chance of tanning in many parts.

5、 Drink lemon whitening water

Most people hate drinking lemonade because it is too sour, but I want to tell you that lemonade is a whitening water. Of course, water is an essential holy thing for whitening. Every morning after getting up, we drink a glass of boiled water on an empty stomach, which is very good for our health. In the boiled water, we are adding lemon slices, which will have a cosmetic effect. Of course, before going to bed at night, we should also drink a glass of lemonade, so that our cells can fully absorb lemonade, which will prevent the formation of wrinkles.

6、 Eat more vitamin C foods.

Of course, we should eat more vitamin C foods for whitening. For example, cucumber, tomato, strawberry, etc. Some fruits contain a lot of vitamin C. It can effectively help us whiten and restore melanin. It also improves our immunity.

7、 Ensure adequate sleep time

Adequate sleep time is indispensable to us. Adequate sleep time is the best protection for our skin. It can effectively relieve the pressure of our life. Listening to music everyday is also a good assistant for whitening. If we want to whiten our skin, we should smoke less, drink less, and stay away from those irritating drinks. This can make our skin soft and shiny.

8、 Apply cucumber to whiten before going to bed

We can’t apply the facial mask every day, but cucumbers are cheap and whitening. We can apply cucumbers before going to bed at night. We cut the cucumber into small pieces with a knife, and then apply it to our face. After a few minutes, we can take it off. After a month, our face will become white and tender.

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