Physical exercise can effectively relieve depression

Foreign studies show that exercise can combat depression, and regular exercise can effectively improve mood and relieve depression. The exercise items can be jogging and walking outdoors. If there are no conditions, you can do stretching, weight lifting and other sports at home.

Doctors suggest that people should often go outdoors to bask in the sun, which will improve the endocrine environment in the body and reduce the occurrence of depression. In particular, white-collar women living in the building should often bathe in the sun, and even in rainy and snowy days, they should go out at noon. Middle aged people should try their best to relieve work pressure and learn to decompress themselves. They can improve their mood through active and healthy sports and entertainment.

The elderly can enjoy their body and mind by playing piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, raising flowers and grass, watching birds with playthings, climbing high and looking far, and gathering relatives and friends, so as to avoid watching movies and TV programs that are overly sad and sad. As the younger generation, we should pay attention to the emotional changes of the elderly in time to prevent adverse events. Doctors also suggest that you keep a diary to vent your anxiety and anxiety, or record your happiness to improve your mood.

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