be vigilant! The window should be opened for ventilation at 7 times

Diseases caused by indoor environmental pollution have become a public health problem that the whole world must face. Although air pollutants mainly exist outdoors, more than 80% of a person’s life is spent indoors. If there is no timely ventilation, formaldehyde, mold, carbon dioxide, dust, dandruff and other harmful substances floating in the air will increase, and fresh oxygen will continue to decrease. All kinds of diseases will come to him day by day. Opening windows properly every day is the simplest and most economical health magic weapon. There are 7 times when windows should be opened most.

after getting up early when sleeping, the indoor space is often relatively closed. After breathing and inhaling all night, the air in the bedroom is often poor. Not only does a lot of carbon dioxide accumulate, but oxygen becomes very thin. When tidying up bedding, dust mites, dandruff and other small pollutants will float in the air. At this time, window ventilation is particularly important. However, the window opening time should not be too early, especially in cities. The concentration of pollutants in the air is still high at 6 and 7 a.m., and it is better to wait until the dirty air deposited on the ground lifts up before opening the window for ventilation. You can open the window around 8 a.m., when the temperature rises and the air quality becomes slightly better. What needs to be reminded is that patients with cardiovascular diseases are very vulnerable to cold air and other stimuli, so they must wear more clothes after getting up and open the window after adapting to the temperature.

quilt tide mites like warm and humid environment, and quilt is their favorite home. The quilt will be stained with human sweat, and some will become slightly damp. The temperature and humidity at this time are most suitable for mites to survive. In the south, the air humidity is high, and the damp quilt is more common. Opening windows for ventilation is a good way to ensure that the quilt is dry. After getting up, don’t hurry to fold the quilt. It’s better to turn the quilt upside down and open the window to let the quilt breathe, promote the evaporation of water vapor in the quilt, and avoid mites and mold.

when cooking Chinese cooking methods such as frying, frying and frying will produce a lot of lampblack. The ingredients volatilize a lot of harmful substances at high temperatures, which are strongly irritating to the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes and throat, and can cause respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, laryngitis and tracheitis. In addition, when gas and natural gas are burned, harmful gases such as carbon monoxide may be released. Therefore, when cooking, you should not only turn on the range hood, but also open the window for ventilation. It is best to let the air convection. After cooking, you should also continue to open the window for ventilation for at least 10 minutes to avoid the deposition of lampblack in the home. The range hood should be turned on early and off late, that is, it should be turned on before cooking and turned on for 5 minutes after cooking.

after taking a bath after taking a bath, the water vapor in the toilet condenses and the humidity is very high. It must be ventilated and dried in time, otherwise it is easy to produce a large number of molds and threaten health. If there is a window in the bathroom, it is necessary to open the window in time after taking a bath and open the bathroom door to ensure air convection; If there are no windows, it is necessary to install an exhaust fan with high power and good performance.

after decoration formaldehyde is the number one killer of indoor pollution. After decoration, places with more boards such as closets and cabinets will release formaldehyde and other pollutants indoors for decades. If there is a peculiar smell in the cabinet at home, you can open the wardrobe, cabinet, bookcase, drawer, etc. when you go out in the daytime, and open a small crack in the window to fully release the pollutants. If you feel that indoor pollution is serious, you can open the kitchen and bathroom doors at the same time, and turn on the ventilation function of the ventilator, range hood or air conditioner to accelerate the diffusion of pollutants.

when cleaning cleaning the room is the time when the pollutants in the indoor air are most concentrated. When you clean a sofa, mattress or carpet, a large number of hidden bacteria, dust mites and dandruff will float in the air, and pollutants will be lifted up when you use a vacuum cleaner. At this time, it’s best to wear a mask and ensure that the window is open for ventilation to avoid inhalation of fine particles. It is better to conduct wet cleaning first when sweeping, for example, wipe the table top and cabinet surface with a wet rag to reduce floating objects in the air.

before going to bed every night, you can open the window half an hour before going to bed for ventilation for 15 minutes. It is better to keep the air convection. It can not only avoid the air pollution caused by car exhaust and factory production in the daytime, but also increase the oxygen in the air, which is conducive to sleep. When opening the window, the elderly and children should try their best not to move around the window. When sleeping, don’t close the bedroom doors and windows tightly, so as not to affect sleep due to lack of oxygen. You can open the door or window a small crack to let fresh air enter the bedroom. If the window is facing the head, it is better to cover it with curtains to avoid direct blowing.

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