Beauty experts teach you how to make your own freckle removing facial mask. Beauty experts teach you how to make your own freckle removing facial mask

The spots on a woman’s face will look very ugly. Generally, a woman’s body will show a downward trend after the age of 25, and the spots on her face will follow after the age of 30. So how to get rid of freckles? Today we teach you to be a flawless water beauty!

Freckles are also different in color, for example, some are light brown or red, and there is a decrease in lightness, but they become more with the time of sunlight exposure. Regular use of sunscreen can inhibit their development. In addition, for the prevention of color spots, you can also eat more vegetables and fruits for freckle removal and whitening. Some common fruits and vegetables are very effective in preventing the formation of color spots and whitening the skin. Let beauty experts teach you how to make your own freckle removing facial mask! It can make you beautiful and healthy!

Make your own freckle removing facial mask

1. Pollen facial mask: 5g pollen, 1 egg white, 20ml lemon juice and 20ml fresh milk. The best pollen is chrysanthemum and pine flower, which can be collected by yourself or purchased in supermarkets.

People with dry skin use egg white to mix, people with oily skin use lemon juice to mix, and other types of skin use milk to mix. After stirring, apply it on your face for about half an hour, and wash it with water. Pollen can also be put in water together with salt to wash your face in the morning. While washing, gently pat your hands from the middle of your face to both sides.

2. Tomato facial mask: 1 tomato, 5g starch.

Wash and mash the fresh tomatoes, add appropriate amount of starch, stir evenly, apply it on your face for about a quarter of an hour, and wash with water. Once a day, persist in using, can effectively remove freckles.

3. Almond facial mask: 10g almonds and 1 egg white.

Peel and mash almonds and mix with egg white to form a paste. Apply it to your face before going to bed and wash it the next morning. This facial mask is effective in removing chloasma and age spots.

4. Olive Oil Facial Mask: 50ml olive oil and 20g honey.

Put the olive oil in a container, put it into warm water of 40 degrees, and heat the olive oil to about 37 degrees. Add honey to the heated olive oil, mix well, dip the clean gauze in the oil, then apply it to your face for 20 minutes, and then take it off.

To sum up: color spots and freckles are not terrible. We can achieve ideal freckle removal effects by making freckle removal facial mask ourselves or by laser freckle removal. However, Xiaobian reminds you to go to a regular beauty hospital for freckle removal.

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