Can I practice karate with low back pain

1. Can I practice karate with low back pain

Can you practice karate for low back pain? It depends on the specific situation of your low back pain. However, when low back pain occurs, simply lying in bed is not good. You should choose appropriate rehabilitation exercises, such as aerobic training. Especially for acute low back pain, it plays a great role in preventing the disease from turning into chronic low back pain. Aerobic exercise refers to a low-intensity form of exercise based on aerobic metabolism, including walking, running, cycling, aerobics, etc. Aerobic exercise can reduce body weight, increase aerobic endurance, reduce insulin resistance, reduce blood lipids and systolic blood pressure, and reduce inflammatory reactions, which is beneficial to health. The latest research found that aerobic exercise can reduce the load on the spine to the minimum. Secondly, aerobic training can significantly improve the oxidative capacity of skeletal muscle and promote the control and coordination of neural movement.

2. Methods to relieve low back pain

2.1 bridge movement

First lie on the yoga mat or bed, lie on your back, then bend your knees together and put them on the yoga mat or bed, put your hands flat on the yoga mat or bed, or put them on your abdomen, keep your head and shoulders close to the yoga mat or bed surface, rely on your waist to make your waist, hips and thighs leave the yoga mat or bed surface, and keep the whole person in an arch bridge shape for 5 seconds. You can do this action in 3 groups each after getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night, with 15 in each group. After doing this action very easily, you can try to lift your shoulders off the yoga mat, or even lift one leg to increase the difficulty.

2.2 change sitting posture

If you want to sit comfortably, the position of the ischium is very important. Usually, when many people sit down, the ischium tends to move forward, which leads to the back of the disc and increases the burden on the waist. Therefore, the correct sitting method is: when sitting down, move your ass back by 3cm, so that the position of the bone disc can be adjusted correctly, and only when the bone disc stands up can you maintain a straight and correct sitting posture.

2.3 breathing

A reasonable breathing style can help you concentrate, find the right place to exercise, and achieve twice the result with half the effort. Don’t rush the recovery exercise of strain. Please take a deep breath first and complete a static confrontation in the process of slowly exhaling.

3. Daily methods to prevent low back pain

3.1. Standing

My spine was bent to one side to suffer. People standing askew can be seen everywhere on buses and subways. This standing posture will cause uneven stress on both sides of the lumbar spine, resulting in low back pain.

Correct posture: keep your legs upright, your legs and abdomen slightly tightened, your center of gravity slightly forward, and your eyes level in front. If you need to stand for a long time, exchange your weight every 10 minutes with the action of “resting”.

3.2 walking

Lowering the head and holding the chest will affect the heart and lungs. Experts said that many people just look down at the road when they walk. “This way is easy to bring fatigue.

Correct posture: look up at the front, and let the thighs drive the calves when taking steps. Using “small trot” to increase the frequency of legs movement is beneficial to enhancing cardiopulmonary function.

Training methods of karate skills

1. Sandbag shooting

Patting sandbags can enhance the strength of the muscles and orthopaedics of the palm and increase the lethality. At the beginning of practicing patting sandbags, you can put grains such as mung beans in the bag, and then slowly move to iron sand. You can put an appropriate amount of bone penetrating grass and pepper in the bag to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis.

2. Lifting plate

The initial practice can fix both sides, and after the power is smooth, you can let the board hang in the air, which will further test your power.

3. Floating plate

When floating the wood in the water, it is difficult to find the strength point of the wood. If you use brute force, the water will only splash everywhere, so it needs a strong explosive force (inch force) to break the wood floating in the water.

4. Lighting candles

Strike the candle with the fist or hand knife, control the distance, and extinguish the candle with the fist style. This training is to strengthen the cohesion and penetration of strength.

5. Hit a tree with both arms

When the two arms collide with the trees, the surface of the trees should be smooth and the size should be around the mouth of the bowl. In the initial stage, the force of the two arms hitting the trees should be small, and when the power is deep, the force should be increased.

6. Five finger brace

At the beginning, you can kneel on both knees to reduce the pressure on your fingers. After you have deep skills, you can cushion your feet. This training is to enhance the strength of your fingers.

Benefits of learning karate

Karate moves are simple and easy to learn, especially suitable for children. Karate pays attention to etiquette, which not only strengthens the body and improves the human function, but also improves the comprehensive quality of the spirit, mind and morality of the practitioners.

Through practice, we can stimulate the creativity of children and cultivate their hardworking quality.

It is self-evident that karate has a healthy effect. The various fist techniques such as kicking, arm’s upper division, lower division and stretching can enhance the children’s muscles and strength, and the elasticity of tendons, ligaments and muscles, so as to enhance the children’s physical strength and flexibility.

Karate can give the brain a lot of good stimulation. The exercise process is not only the contraction of skeletal muscles, but also the comprehensive display of right brain functions such as spatial perception, experience and type recognition.

Therefore, it is very conducive to the development of children’s right brain functions such as spatial transformation and body perception, and improves thinking in images and creativity.

Karate requires changing directions to clarify the orientation, thus developing children’s spatial perception. In addition, children should take the initiative to find ways to overcome difficulties, which has tempered their will, cultivated their courage, and learned the correct attitude towards people, things and things.

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