Laziness is not all bad things. Stealing is good for health

It’s cold, and many people are too lazy to get up, go out, or even eat. You may know the disadvantages of laziness, but today I want to tell you that you will not be lazy! Scientific laziness can keep you healthy!

interviewed experts:

Zhang Youping, chief physician of internal medicine of Beijing Tongren Hospital

Fan Zhihong, associate professor, School of food science and nutrition engineering, China Agricultural University

Qu Liuxin, director of Department of traditional Chinese medicine orthopedics and traumatology, CUHK Affiliated Hospital of Southeast University

laziness and stretching at work

Don’t underestimate stretching. Its two major advantages can even rival some sports.

1. It is beneficial to the whole body oxygen supply

When stretching, the chest organs of the human body can squeeze the heart and lungs, which is conducive to the full movement of the heart and allows more oxygen to supply various tissues and organs.

2. Make people more sober

The upper body activity during stretching can supply more oxygen-containing blood to the brain and make people feel awake and comfortable. Therefore, regular stretching and active limbs can help relieve fatigue.

3. Eliminate fatigue

Office workers often sit for hours at a time. If their bodies are in one posture for a long time, a lot of blood will accumulate in the veins of muscles. Stretching at this time will cause most muscles to relax and contract, and a lot of stagnant blood will be driven back to the heart, taking away some wastes in the muscles, thus eliminating fatigue.

standing and stretching is good.

However, sitting and half lying down to stretch are not very lazy. For sedentary people, it is better to stand up and stretch to relax. Because sitting to stretch, the posture is not easy to relax and the muscles are tense.

When stretching, you should stretch your body as far as possible, straighten your limbs and exert all your muscles. Inhale as much as possible while stretching; When relaxing, the muscles of the whole body should relax and exhale as much as possible, so that the effect of exercise will be better.

Standing up and stretching can make the waist muscles active. This kind of stretching and contracting exercise can exercise the waist muscles and prevent the spine from bending forward to form a hunchback.

let gastrointestinal “lazy”

don’t eat too fast, you’ll be full at seven points per meal

The fast-paced life makes people eat like “fighting a war”, but wolfing down not only affects the absorption of nutrients, but also causes great damage to the stomach. Especially for the elderly, the eating time of each meal should be at least 25 minutes, and it is appropriate to chew a meal more than 20 times. Follow the principle of eating full in the morning, eating well at noon and eating less at night. The amount of meals should also be controlled at seven or eight points, so that the stomach can “steal a lazy” appropriately.

1. What is it like to be full at seven

My stomach is not full yet, but my enthusiasm for food has declined, and my active eating speed has obviously slowed down. If you habitually want to eat more, as long as you remove the food and change the topic, you will soon forget to eat. The most important thing is that you won’t be hungry before the second meal until you are full at seven.

If you concentrate on eating, chew and swallow slowly, you can feel your urgency for food, passion for food, speed of eating, satisfaction after each mouthful, gradually fade hunger, and gradually fill your stomach from the first mouthful, so that you can gradually feel full. Therefore, in our daily life, we need to slow down and concentrate on eating in order to get used to being full.

2. Eating the right food helps gastrointestinal lazy

Choose foods with high water content. Eating foods with high water content can make your stomach feel “full” in advance, which is conducive to controlling your food intake and preventing obesity. For example, drinking Babao porridge, eating noodles in soup, eating a lot of vegetables with less oil, and eating fruits can easily make you feel full in advance.

Choose foods that need to be chewed more. Eating foods that need to be chewed more to swallow, such as coarse grains, vegetables and crispy fruits, can slow down people’s eating speed, which is also conducive to the feeling of fullness, thus helping us to control our food intake and avoid excess.

Eat less fine food. On the contrary, foods that are white and soft, rich in oil and low in dietary fiber will speed up people’s eating and unconsciously eat a lot. However, the satiety center has not received the report yet, and it can only stop after feeling full in the stomach.

being “lazy” during exercise

Don’t force yourself to exercise when you are tired. Exercise can adjust your mood and help reduce stress. It is a very popular way to relax. However, exercise under abnormal conditions such as fatigue, fever and infection may reduce the immunity of the body.

High intensity exercise can also cause dehydration, water electrolyte disorder, arrhythmia and thrombosis due to a lot of perspiration. Therefore, when you are tired from your work, you don’t have to force yourself to exercise. At this time, rest is more important.

Exercise needs to be selected according to age, physical status and weather. If you feel depressed after exercise, feel weak all over the body, feel particularly tired, and even affect sleep and eating, it means that there is a problem with exercise intensity, and even pay attention to whether there is any disease.

It is not recommended that the elderly suffering from hypertension and coronary heart disease exercise in the cold morning, especially in the first few days when the temperature drops sharply. The air is poor in the morning on a smoggy day. It is recommended to exercise at 10-11 a.m. when the sun comes out, the surface temperature rises, and the air is generally good. Walking, jogging, and Taijiquan at 4-5 p.m. are all good exercise methods.

mentally, being “lazy” will change your impatience.

Many people are impatient. No matter what they do, they are eager to finish their work. Even small things such as queuing up to buy vegetables are popular. Sometimes, they are not only impatient in things, but also prone to anger. In the long run, they will seriously damage their health and may induce acute and fatal cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, people with a short temper should learn to control themselves and not get angry when things happen.

However, not everything can be lazy, for example, the work and rest time should be regular, and don’t catch up on sleep until noon on the weekend; Take time to exercise every week; If you are sick, you can’t solve it yourself. You can’t be lazy. You should go to the hospital immediately. Laziness also pays attention to methods. Only by lazing scientifically can we live longer.

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