Don’t let laziness become a health killer

Now our life is more and more colorful, but we have become more and more lazy. The “lazy life disease” is just like a plague endangering our health – being lazy to use our brains makes our memory decline, being lazy to walk leads to various chronic diseases, and being lazy to go to the toilet leads to various urinary diseases… For this reason, the editor reminds us not to let “laziness” become a killer of health!

Because the lifestyle is not diligent enough, it will lead to a “lazy life disease” of various serious and serious diseases, which is spreading around the world like a plague! The survey found that more than 2 million people in the world die of diseases caused by lazy lifestyle every year. People in the urban jungle are becoming lazier and lazier. Six out of every 10 people will die of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease, cancer and other diseases. Let’s take a look at the health problems caused by the common “lazy brain, lazy walk, lazy activity and lazy toilet” of modern people, and how to improve them as soon as possible to avoid getting sick.

“lazy to use your brain” vs memory decline and senile dementia


With the development of science and technology, modern people do not need to use their brains any more. Many household appliances are automated and can be completed at the press of a button; You don’t have to memorize the phone, just input it into your mobile phone. With fewer opportunities to use the brain, modern people’s brains degenerate rapidly, and their memory deteriorates. The probability of causing senile dementia increases year by year.

Why is “lazy to use your brain” easy to cause memory decline and senile dementia?

The functions of the body will gradually decline and age with the years, while the brain is an organ that is more and more flexible in the body’s functions. However, if the brain is not used, the function of the brain, like that of other organs and tissues, will gradually decline after the age of 20. On the contrary, regular use of the brain can stimulate the vitality of brain cells, and by the age of 70, the mind can still maintain the agility of prime or middle age. Therefore, people who are lazy to use their brains should be careful that their brains degenerate faster than others. They are prone to forgetfulness, poor memory, and even senile dementia. They are also older than others.

Health promotion methods to improve “lazy brain”

Reading newspapers and writing every day is very good for the brain. When reading words, the training of “reading aloud” can achieve the effect of activating brain functions.

Don’t rely on the computer, try to use the brain to calculate, which can activate the brain. Spending five minutes on calculation training every day can improve the memory of primary school students by 20%, and improve the brain function of people with dementia.

We should have a sense of curiosity and a heart of learning about new things. The more new challenges we face, the more we can reserve our brains, which helps delay the deterioration of our brains.

Try to communicate frequently and practice memory; Thinking logic, language ability and other brain training.

Often do entertainment that is conducive to brain training, such as guessing puzzles, playing chess, playing mahjong, video games, and so on.

“lazy to walk” vs chronic disease


Having a car to take the place of a car makes people less likely to walk, or even lazy to walk. For a long time, the amount of physical activity is gradually insufficient, which is easy to cause various chronic diseases.

Why does “lazy walking” easily lead to chronic diseases?

Walking is the most simple and healthy exercise. If you are lazy to walk, it is easy to lose your body’s protective mechanism, which may lead to chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia.

Medicine has confirmed that after entering middle age, hormone changes will cause blood pressure to rise. Walking can reduce hormone secretion, thus reducing blood pressure rise. Walking briskly for one hour a day can prevent 50% of type 2 diabetes, because walking can consume glucose and reduce blood sugar. Walking for more than 20 minutes can help decompose and burn the neutral fat in the body, increase the content of good cholesterol, and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Moderate or fast walking is helpful for the prevention and treatment of hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia. In addition, walking can also prevent breast cancer and colorectal cancer.

Health promotion methods to improve “lazy walking”

Give yourself a chance to walk. On the way to work or school, walk for a while and then take a ride. Even indoors, get up and walk more.

Try not to take the elevator when going upstairs, but take the stairs instead.

It is best to walk for more than 30 minutes every day. When walking, raise your head, straighten your chest and walk with big steps.

lazy activity vs obesity , cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer


Whether middle-aged, elderly, young and middle-aged, or teenagers, most of them sit on the sofa watching TV or surfing the Internet when they come home or take weekly holidays. They sit for several hours and maintain the same posture without moving, which will damage their health in the long run. Research points out that one-third of the world’s adults are not active enough, and about 5 million people die each year from the “couch potato” lifestyle.

Why is “lazy activity” easy to cause obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer?

Studies have found that about 6% of coronary heart disease, 7% of type 2 diabetes and 10% of breast and colorectal cancer are caused by obesity caused by insufficient activity. Increasing activity can reduce the occurrence and death of the above diseases.

Improve the health promotion of “lazy activities”

Physical inactivity will worsen with age, and the proportion of women is higher than that of men. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the bad habit of laziness from childhood.

The so-called “insufficient physical activity” refers to the failure to achieve the intensity of 20 minutes of exercise three times a week, or the moderate exercise of 30 minutes five times a week, so as to try to achieve the above amount of activity in life.

Try to give yourself the opportunity to get up for activities, such as getting up for activities during TV commercials or riding a bicycle or treadmill while watching TV; When I go to work, I get up and walk to my colleagues to discuss business, instead of contacting them by telephone or Internet; Or take advantage of the opportunity to pour tea and get up for exercise.

Try to give yourself the opportunity to go out for activities. For example, don’t just watch TV shopping or go shopping online. It is recommended to go to shopping malls or department stores.

“too lazy to go to the toilet” vs urinary tract disease, kidney disease, cancer

Busy modern people, whether they are office workers, laborers, students or electronics upstarts, sit at their desks or desks for hours or most of the day. They are often so busy that they don’t even have time to go to the toilet. Therefore, it is quite common to hold back their urine and stool. In fact, urine and feces are wastes and toxins that the human body does not want and should be discharged from the body in time. A short period of urination and urination does not cause immediate harm to the body and is often ignored. However, if you are used to being lazy to go to the toilet, a long period of urination and urination may cause great harm to the body and easily lead to serious and serious diseases, which should not be ignored!

Why does “being lazy to go to the toilet” easily lead to urinary tract disease, kidney disease, and cancer?

When too much urine exceeds the reserve of the bladder, the sphincter of the bladder will be damaged first, becoming loose, and prone to frequent urination and urinary incontinence. More commonly, if the urine containing toxic substances is not discharged in time, it is easy to cause urinary tract diseases such as cystitis and urethritis; Serious infection can also induce nephritis, which may lead to serious uremia and bladder cancer in the long term. Studies in the United States have found that habitual urination increases the risk of bladder cancer by 3-5 times; And men are also prone to prostate cancer.

Improve the health promotion of “lazy to go to the toilet”

Do not hold your urine or stool.

Urinate every 2-3 hours, about 250cc at a time.

Drink more water, so that the daily urine output is about 2000 CC.

Defecate 1-2 times a day, defecate smoothly without effort, and feces are not dry.

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