Is it bad for your health to go to bed late and get up late?

Some people say that “being able to eat, pull and sleep” is healthy. What they say is rough and one-sided, but there is still some truth. Sleeping is really a big thing in life, because there are also many people who can’t sleep well and are unable to sleep. Although everyone knows that sleeping is important, there are also many people who are reluctant to sleep and get up. Recently, someone turned up the story of “staying up late and staying up late”. This is a disease, do you know?

sleep phase delay syndrome: reluctant to sleep and get up

The habit of “staying up late and staying up late” is medically called “sleep phase delay syndrome”, which is more common in adolescents and adults before the age of 30. The general performance is that the sleep period moves back more than 2 hours; Typical patients have difficulty falling asleep and like to get up late.

What if it’s an illness? Is there any harm? I’m used to standing in my way? Of course, these ideas can exist, but it is hard to say who is in the way. Some of the dangers are real.

Going to bed late and getting up late may induce different degrees of work, study and social dysfunction. Going to bed late will lead to a decrease in melatonin secretion, which is inconsistent with the internal natural clock, resulting in “jet lag”. Melatonin also affects endocrine, body temperature and electrolyte changes in the body. The resistance of those who sleep late decreases, and they are generally prone to fatigue and colds; It will also cause emotional problems such as low mood, easy temper, anxiety and depression, and even increase the incidence of mental illness. Sleep phase delay syndrome can also induce sleep disorders such as sleepwalking. After the age of 30, with the slowing down of metabolism, the repair function weakens, and it is easy to cause liver diseases and other diseases.

Of course, there is an exception. Some people are born to sleep late and get up late, but the proportion of such people is very small.

how to treat it

In addition to the natural “late to bed and late to rise” need to be treated according to the situation, the treatment method formed after tomorrow is to adjust the cycle. One is to adjust the time to get up: get up earlier than usual. The next day, because of less sleep, it is easy to feel sleepy and want to go to bed early at night. And taking melatonin. Some doctors will use phototherapy to regulate sleep rhythm disorders through strong light irradiation. In any case, if you want treatment, it’s better to consult with the doctor. There are constraints and guarantees.

Going to bed late and getting up late are also harmful. Are you still going to bed late today?

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