Summer acne potato aloe purslane to help you summer acne potato aloe purslane to help you

In summer, people’s skin produces too much oil, which is easy to cause pore blockage and form acne. If the acne is not handled well, it will form acne marks. What is a good way to solve the problem of acne and acne marks? Let’s take Xiaobian to understand the methods of removing acne and acne marks.

Traditional Chinese medicine has always focused on conditioning, aiming at the root of acne and carrying out long-term and long-term conditioning. These treatments include using traditional Chinese medicine, improving eating habits, and improving the body’s own conditions by massaging the body.

Natural aloe dressing

Principle: Aloe has always played an important role in the beauty of traditional Chinese medicine. The compendium of Chinese materia medica has recorded that aloe has the functions of anti-bacterial, repairing tissue damage, and protecting skin. Because aloe contains bradykininase, aloe polysaccharide and other excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients, it can effectively inhibit the growth of acne and acne, and also improve the skin’s resistance.

Specific steps: use natural aloe vera to crush or extract juice. After cleaning your face at night, apply it to your face for 20 minutes, then take it off and wash your face. The red pimples on your face will obviously fade away, and the anti-inflammatory effect is very good.

Apply fresh potato chips to your face

Principle: in Chinese medicine recipes, potatoes are gentle and slightly cool plants, which have the effects of beauty, anti-aging, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, blood circulation and swelling reduction. Potatoes are alkaline food, which can absorb excessive oil secreted by the skin, prevent acne, and have better effects of removing acne marks, removing spots and relieving itching.

Specific steps: wash and peel the fresh potato, slice it, the thinner the better, so that it can stick to the skin. After facial cleansing, apply potato chips to the place with acne, and take them off after 10-15 minutes. After repeated use, you will find that the acne marks become significantly lighter.

Apply purslane herb juice to your face

Principle: Purslane, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat eczema and dermatitis, has the functions of reducing dampness, relieving itching, clearing away heat and swelling. Especially for some purulent skin diseases such as abscess and acne, it has a good detoxification effect.

Specific steps: mash purslane grass (available in traditional Chinese medicine stores) into juice and apply it directly to the affected part, or add honey to mix water and use it as a facial mask. After waiting for about 20 minutes, clean your face thoroughly with clean water to instantly cool your skin.

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