6 tips to help you deal with stubborn acne? 6 ways to help you deal with stubborn acne

The four health care methods make you no longer afraid of staying up late to get pimples. The four health care methods make you no longer afraid of staying up late to get pimples. The four health care methods make you no longer afraid of staying up late to get pimples. Among them, pimples are one of the hazards of staying up late. How to prevent pimples can be tried with the methods described above.

There are four ways to prevent acne:

1. Late to bed and late to wash

It is said that how can people who stay up late without getting acne. Don’t wait until before going to bed to clean your skin. If your face is already full of grease, you should try to advance the cleaning time to reduce the burden on your skin and prevent acne. You may as well use a 2-in-1 cleanser that can remove makeup and clean your face at the same time, and clean it in 2 minutes. Some cleansers containing fruit acid or salicylic acid have a remarkable deep-seated cleaning effect. Salicylic acid, in particular, is a complex component that can really go deep into hair follicles for cleaning action. It can promote the metabolism of keratinocytes and reduce the accumulation of wastes and toxins on the skin surface.

2. Vitamin C Supplement

How to stay up late without getting acne? Working overtime and staying up late will cause the loss of collagen in the skin. It is beneficial to restore the elasticity and luster of the skin to supplement more foods containing vitamin C or collagen at dinner. Animal skin is rich in collagen (such as pig’s feet and pig’s skin), and a large number of fruits are rich in vitamin C. one tablet of vitamin C can also be taken orally. However, avoid eating spicy food less, especially those with oily skin, to prevent excessive evaporation of water in the skin. Sensitive skin should eat less seafood. Alcoholic beverages have a great discount on the absorption and retention of nutrients to the skin, so they should be used as little as possible.

3. Replenish water

Oil is easy to come out of your skin when you stay up late. In fact, it is because your skin lacks water. If you don’t pay attention to treatment, a large amount of oil will accumulate on your face, which will easily block pores and breed acne. At this time, you can apply a refreshing make-up blister film to your face, quickly replenish moisture for your skin, and then rub on the condensation with oil control function, so that you can control the secretion of oil and moisturize your skin. Staying up late and working overtime should also make the indoor air unobstructed and maintain a certain humidity. At this time, it is essential to prepare a humidifier indoors.

4. 8 glasses of water per day

People who stay up late were angels with broken wings in their previous lives. In hot weather, it is easier to get angry if you work overtime and stay up late. The acne on your face is also caused by this “fire”. To get rid of this fire, 8 glasses of water a day is absolutely indispensable. How to stay up late without getting acne? Eight glasses of water a day, I can’t forget.

Staying up late and working overtime is common in modern people’s eyes. Almost all companies have overtime. However, overtime not only affects health, but also deteriorates skin. It is absolutely impossible for a girl who loves beauty to accept this. Among them, acne is one of the hazards of staying up late. How to prevent acne, the methods described above can be tried.

Introduction to 6 folk formulas for preventing acne

1. Jujube and Phellodendron

Prepare 6 red dates and 20g Phellodendron.

The Phellodendron amurense is ground into powder, and the red jujube is also ground into powder after burning into jujube charcoal. Then fry the two kinds of medicinal powder and sesame oil in water. Wash the acne with this water every night for more than 20 minutes.

You can also apply it to your face and apply it again when it dries, and repeat this. It is very effective in treating acne.

2. Defatted yogurt to remove acne marks

As long as the leftover yogurt is thinly applied to the position with acne marks on the face and washed off the next day, the acne marks on the face will subside a lot. However, there are too many nutrients in the yogurt, which can easily lead to acne on the face, so we should choose skimmed yogurt.

3. Honey to remove acne

Honey has a good moisturizing and antibacterial function. Before going to bed, take a small amount of honey and put it on the acne area, and then paste it on Bondi to sleep beautifully. The next day, you will be surprised to find that the acne has shrunk.

Honey can resist bacteria. Propolis has the best antibacterial effect, especially for oily or freckled skin. The moist touch of honey can also make the skin more smooth and delicate.

4. Chamomile to remove acne

Buy some chamomile to make tea, pour chamomile tea into a large bowl, then pour hot water, put your face close to the mouth of the bowl, make the steam fully contact your face, and use fumigation to remove acne.

Chamomile cyclic hydrocarbon in chamomile is a high-level anti-inflammatory ingredient, which can relieve dry and itchy skin and moisturize hair. Chamomile is contained in skin care products that are very anti allergic.

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