Good habits make your teeth 100 years old

guiding expert: Guangdong maternal and child health hospital Ye Ning, chief physician of stomatology department

Uncle Zhang is 85 years old this year. He is in good health and has a straight waist. He often pedals to the vegetable market to buy vegetables. When everyone asked Uncle Zhang about his health care, Uncle Zhang always laughed, “good teeth, good appetite! Balanced nutrition and good absorption will naturally lead to good health.

Lao Bo Li, an old chess friend, quit. He said that Lao Zhang, you are good at fooling others. For the sake of our 30-year chess friends, you must tell me the secret of your good teeth. Uncle Zhang is helpless to be pestered. Tell Uncle Li some tips for protecting teeth:

choose your toothbrush and toothpaste.

First of all, the toothbrush should not pick the bristles that are too hard and soft. Too hard will damage the gums and enamel on the surface of teeth. It’s too soft to brush teeth cleanly. So you can choose toothbrushes with different hardness, and try which one feels most comfortable when brushing your teeth. It can clean your teeth without feeling uncomfortable to your gums, which is suitable for you. After finding your favorite toothbrush, change it every three months, because a toothbrush that has been used for a long time will hide many bacteria and affect people’s health. Don’t save this money. There are three kinds of toothpaste on the market: General toothpaste, fluoride toothpaste and medicated toothpaste. Ordinary people usually choose fluoride toothpaste. When there are other oral diseases, you can choose medicated toothpaste, but it is best to consult the stomatologist before using medicated toothpaste. Don’t be self defeating. I use toothpaste every day,

brushing teeth regularly

Brush your teeth at least once every morning and evening. After getting up in the morning, before going to bed at night, and after brushing your teeth at night, you’d better not eat again. If possible, brush your teeth after lunch. Prevent food residues from being left in your teeth, and your breath will be fresh and fresh. You will feel refreshed and refreshed naturally. If you have movable dentures, you’d better take them out and wash them at the same time. The method of brushing teeth should also be correct, not less than 3 minutes each time, and the inside and outside of the teeth should be brushed. Apply slight force along the direction of the teeth, brush the upper teeth downward and brush the lower teeth upward. Repeat several times in the same position to clean the sticky food residue on the teeth. Reduce the formation of dental calculus. No, Uncle Li, you saw the leaves I ate last time. When eating out. If you can’t brush your teeth, rinse your mouth,

go to the hospital regularly to have your teeth checked and washed.

Don’t be afraid to go to the dentist. Regular inspection is much easier than filling your teeth after they are rotten. Uncle Zhang goes to the stomatology department every six months to see if there are rotten teeth. If there are slight caries, they should be filled up early. At this time, filling teeth is not sour, painful and time-saving. The second is to see if there is a problem with the gums. If there is a slight tooth stone, you can also wash it by the way, so the old man’s gums are still healthy pink.

eat more vegetables and foods rich in calcium.

Vegetables generally contain more fiber. When eating vegetables, you need to chew them many times, which has a certain cleaning effect on teeth and gums. It can prevent gingivitis. At the same time, rich vitamin C is also good for teeth. Teeth are the hardest tissue of the body, but with the increase of age, the elderly will also lose calcium. Teeth exchange calcium ions with saliva all their lives. If the body lacks calcium, the calcium in saliva will also decrease. Teeth can also lack calcium. “Soft” teeth can hardly resist bacteria in the mouth. So drink more milk and get more sun. Drink more bone soup.

“Lao Li, if you want to be in good health, you must have good teeth. We old people, our life is getting less and less. Be good to ourselves, first of all, be good to our teeth!”

(correspondent: Lin Huifang)

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