What’s the difference between Taekwondo and judo

1. The content is different. Taekwondo mainly focuses on leg attack, and boxing attack is less, mainly focusing on defense and blocking. When fighting, the method of dodging is rarely used, and continuous attack is mostly used. The opponent is attacked continuously with a combination of swift and violent leg techniques. Judo, on the other hand, uses all kinds of unarmed moves and the strength of legs to fight on the ground. It stresses the combination of attack and defense. There is defense in attack and attack in defense.

2. Practical differences in different situations, the practical effects of Taekwondo and judo are also very different. For example, if the opponent is at a certain distance from us, there is more room to use Taekwondo leg techniques in this case, and the probability of subduing the opponent is also greater. If the opponent and we are in close quarters, the kicking techniques of Taekwondo can not be well developed at this time. In this case, the close combat of judo with hands and feet has more room to play.

3. Suitable crowd: kicking and lifting techniques are often used in different Taekwondo, so there are certain requirements for body flexibility. Teenagers are more flexible, so it is more appropriate and advantageous for teenagers or people with better flexibility to learn Taekwondo. Judo mainly focuses on throwing hands at each other with skillful and vigorous fighting, so people with stable focus and strong fighting ability will be easier and more comfortable to practice judo.

Taekwondo has the following three functions for practitioners. The first is to strengthen the body and self-defense. The strength, flexibility, agility and endurance of Taekwondo practitioners are far higher than those of ordinary people, because the whole training of Taekwondo is completed around attack and defense confrontation. In repeated practice, the practitioner continuously improves the technical and tactical level and enhances the reaction ability. Long-term training can make the hands, feet and other joints more powerful than ordinary people, so as to achieve the purpose of self-defense.

The second is to cultivate self-cultivation and cultivate excellent will quality. Taekwondo should aim at “etiquette, justice, integrity, self-restraint, patience and perseverance”. Practitioners can develop the good habit of being stubborn, decisive and hardworking.

The third is entertainment. Taekwondo competitive competition can not only give full play to technology, but also give viewers beautiful enjoyment and pleasing to the eyes through fierce confrontation, so as to stimulate people’s fighting spirit, inspire people’s spirit of striving for progress, cultivate people’s moral sentiments, and then make people imperceptibly infected by the noble morality of athletes.

The role of judo is to combine attack and defense. It can take the initiative to attack and defend. We should pay attention to skills, not just to blindly use brutality, take attack as defense, combine attack and defense, and learn all kinds of defense techniques. Only by attacking on the basis of defense can we defeat the other side. There are many changes in the course of the game, and there is no way to predict. We should be flexible and prepare more sets of plans, Only in this way can we face it calmly.

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