All diseases arise from Qi, and these two organs are the first to be damaged

many people “get angry easily”

In daily life, the phenomenon of “getting angry easily” occurs from time to time: slapping others for grabbing seats; Because two bickering words poured boiling soup on others; A survey of the patience of people around the world in waiting for the red light shows that the German is 60 seconds, the British is 45 seconds, the American is 40 seconds, and the Chinese is only 15 seconds. It seems that Chinese people are becoming more and more impatient and “arrogant”.

Why are the Chinese people, who have always been known for their forbearance, getting angry more and more? Peng Xu, a professor of clinical psychology at Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, believes that it is caused by multiple factors. First, modern people not only love to be angry with others, but also love to be angry with themselves: they are angry if they can’t serve as officials; I’m angry that I can’t make money; Not being awarded a professional title, being angry… All kinds of sulkiness linger in people’s lives, and many people can’t get real happiness. Second, being “kidnapped” by various interpersonal relationships. As a social individual, getting along with others is a necessity of life. Quarrels between a couple and friction between colleagues will affect their mood. Third, it is due to one’s own personality. Some people are irritable, and they are even hotter when things happen; Some people are introverted, love more seriously and are not good at expressing themselves. They are depressed for a long time. They can’t vent their sulkiness in their hearts. When they encounter stimulation, they will get out of control. Peng Xu said that once anger becomes a habit, it will form inertia and become more and more angry.

the brain and gastrointestinal tract are damaged first

A recent study by Iowa State University in the United States shows that people with a grumpy temper have a 1.57 times higher risk of early death than those with a mild temper. Professor Alma, an American physiologist, found that the energy consumed by people being angry for 10 minutes is no less than that of participating in a 3000 meter race. Being angry often will cause chain damage and leave different degrees of “marks” on the body and mind step by step. The heart and gastrointestinal tract are the first to be injured.

The heart beats faster and is prone to arrhythmia. The heart is the first organ to be affected. Ma Zhimin, deputy chief physician of the cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment center of Beijing Tongren Hospital, said that when angry, a person’s heart has a strong contractility, and a large amount of blood is concentrated in the brain and face, reducing the blood supply to the heart and causing myocardial hypoxia. At this time, the heart can only double its work to supply enough oxygen, which is easy to cause arrhythmia.

Blood flow decreased and gastrointestinal peristalsis was difficult. Insufficient blood supply will immediately lead to gastrointestinal “slack work”. Zhang Shengsheng, chief expert of Beijing Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine of Capital Medical University, said that anger can cause sympathetic excitement, resulting in decreased gastrointestinal blood flow, reduced peristalsis, loss of appetite, and even gastric ulcer in serious cases. It is often said that “I feel stomachache and full of gas” is the reason.

Shortness of breath and abnormal lungs. When angry, due to emotional excitement and shortness of breath, excessive ventilation will occur. For example, some people will be “breathless”, resulting in continuous expansion of alveoli, failure to relax and rest normally, and abnormal lung function.

The risk of cancer is high. A study by Harvard University found that people with poor immunity are prone to illness. If you only recall your angry experience, the immune system will “strike” for 6 hours, which will increase the incidence of cancer.

Stimulate hair follicles and make your face ugly. Peng Xu pointed out that when angry, a large amount of blood rushes to the head, so the oxygen in the blood will decrease and the toxin will increase. The toxin will stimulate hair follicles and cause inflammation of varying degrees around hair follicles, resulting in air color difference, color spots and other problems.

Cell aging accelerates and brain response slows down. Often angry, the rhythm of brain excitation and inhibition will be disrupted, brain cell aging will be accelerated, and brain reaction will slow down. Excessive anger is also prone to dizziness, headache, dizziness, blushing, and even cerebral hemorrhage.

Low mood can lead to depression. Peng Xu believes that anger can lead to poor Qi, so mental and psychological diseases often occur, such as depression, paranoia, and even depression and suicide.

Zhang Shengsheng pointed out that anger has a far greater impact on people than this. It also includes health problems such as insomnia and women’s menstrual cycle disorder.

several methods to suppress anger

It is a human instinct to laugh when you are happy and get angry when you are unhappy. Since you can’t be angry all your life, we will try our best to reduce the frequency of anger and learn to use the following methods to extinguish your anger and try to be calm.

Find something unimportant to be an “outlet”. When angry, don’t complain in your heart. You might as well find a quiet or safe place to cry. In addition, you can also try to scatter air on unimportant objects, such as tearing waste newspapers into pieces or throwing sofa cushions.

Run hard. When you are angry and have nowhere to go, you can go to the park or run downstairs. When you are tired, you can stop and let your anger out. At the same time, exercise can also promote the body to secrete dopamine, make people feel happy and eliminate anger.

Take a deep breath. When you are angry, you will feel a rapidly rising energy, just like “anger attacks the heart”. At this time, first silence for dozens of times, then close your eyes and take a deep breath, slow down your speed of speech, do not rush to express anger, and give your brain some time to wake up and adjust your physical and mental state.

In addition, anger and anger will increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents in the elderly. When angry, old people might as well listen to crosstalk and watch a comedy movie. At the same time, you can make more efforts in diet, eat more green vegetables that help to relieve liver qi and bitter food that can remove fire, such as celery, cabbage, bitter melon, bitter cabbage and so on.

Peng Xu reminded that anger is a normal emotional vent, but try not to exceed 2 minutes. When you feel that there are many angry things in life, and they are like barriers, and you can’t get past them, you need to consult a professional psychologist.

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