Can you whiten your face with milk? Can you whiten your face with milk

Having fair skin can not only make people more beautiful, but also improve their temperament and make the whole person emit light luster. Many people pursue whitening methods, one of which is to apply milk to their faces, and this practice has been circulating for a long time and is very popular. In fact, it is impossible to whiten your face with milk. If you want to know why, come and find out with me.

Can you whiten your face with milk?

The answer is No. applying milk to your face will not whiten your face. Before figuring out this problem, we need to know why people turn black. The main reason why people get tanned is that there are melanocytes in the human body. When melanocytes are stimulated or activated, melanocytes will form and skin will turn black. Turning back to milk, although milk is rich in protein, the molecules of these proteins are very large. It is impossible to apply milk to the skin alone. The skin will not absorb the substances in milk, and will not affect the metabolism of melanin, so applying milk to your face will not turn white. Some people do feel that their skin is tender and smooth when they apply milk to their face, which is caused by the moisture in milk. Applying water to their face can also achieve the same effect. There is also a point to be noted, that is, when you use edible milk to cover your face, bacteria will breed in the milk, and skin problems will occur after the bacteria enter the skin.

Applying milk to your face will not whiten you. Will drinking milk whiten you?

Drinking milk will whiten is a deep-rooted idea of many people, but this is a wrong idea. Although drinking milk for a long time will make the skin more delicate, it is really not enough in whitening. First of all, analyze the composition of milk. The most important component of milk is water, followed by fat, protein and lactose. Careful analysis of each component will not change people’s skin color, and there is no way to whiten people fundamentally. Casein accounts for a large proportion of protein, which can not be absorbed by the skin. It is unrealistic to expect milk to whiten.

How can we really whiten?

If you want to really whiten, the first thing you need to do is sunscreen. Sunscreen can prevent ultraviolet rays in the sun from harming the skin, and prevent tanning and aging. Secondly, use some skin care products that contain real whitening ingredients, such as those containing Niacinamide, VC and other substances, and its whitening effect is recognized to be good. Once again, we should develop better living habits, go to bed and get up early, eat a light diet, and take more physical exercise. This will not only make the skin better, but also be conducive to physical health.

Whitening can not be achieved simply by applying milk to your face or drinking milk. Don’t listen to these rumors in the future. Real whitening still depends on paying attention to it in daily life, assisting some whitening products, or doing some whitening medical and aesthetic projects,

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