Toothache is not a trivial matter, but a hidden danger

Annoying toothache, what’s going on? How can I end this annoying pain? Xiaobian had the honor to interview Li Chenjun, director of the Stomatological Hospital Affiliated to the General Hospital of the Chengdu Military Region. He asked experts to tell us how to solve the troublesome problem of “toothache”.

understand these diseases that can cause toothache

Toothache can hide many major diseases, and heart disease can also cause toothache

Many people have a misconception that toothache is caused by tooth diseases. In fact, it is not comprehensive. Dental caries and periodontal diseases are only the primary factors of toothache, and can not be comprehensive.

other common inducements

He broke his teeth by eating hard things. Heart disease can also cause toothache, especially toothache is a manifestation of angina pectoris. Trigeminal neuralgia is also often misdiagnosed as toothache, because the nerve that governs the teeth is the trigeminal nerve.

Toothache can herald so many major diseases, so we should treat toothache correctly and do not delay the best treatment opportunity.

why does heart disease cause toothache?

People with hypertension and diabetes are prone to circulatory disorders and blood stasis, resulting in malnutrition and accumulation of metabolites in periodontal tissue, which increases the incidence of periodontal disease.

What about the repeated inflammation pain of “terminal teeth”

Director Li told us that the most annoying thing for teenagers is the inflammation and pain when they grow “terminal teeth”. If you don’t say that your face is swollen, it will hurt even when you drink water and talk, and no matter how much antibiotics you take, it won’t work. In fact, “terminal teeth” are the most useless teeth in the mouth, and often “confuse” the body. The location of its growth is doomed to disasters in its life. The gum tissue covered on three sides is very easy to remain and corrupt food residues, thus inducing inflammation.

The most direct and effective way to block the pain caused by the “terminal tooth” is to pull it out. Go to a professional hospital and let the doctor do this minor operation. Just after the tooth extraction, you must pay attention to your diet. Do not eat too hot and hard food, because it will stimulate the wound and bring more serious pain.

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